Alice Hector

February 2016 Student Portfolio

English 1

Alice has become more comfortable with writing assignments and with advocating for Along with discussion of Renaissance writers, the class read a historical novel set in the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by early Italian fairy tales, they wrote and illustrated one of their own. herself when she has questions. I am looking forward to the arguments she'll make as we move into composing persuasive essays, using an all-purpose format with which to frame even the most outrageous propositions. She'll learn to introduce herself, state her case, and end with a zinger.


Pre-algebra students have been progressing through 1 and 2 step equations, algebraic reasoning, creating problem solving models, rates, ratios, proportions, and linear relationships. They have been working with Get the Math online program that provides them with real world situations. Students have helped music artists and fashion designers with their day to day math problems. At first, Alice had some difficulty solving ratios and proportions on her own. She still needs cueing to get her memory going. Once she recalls how to solve the equations, her answers are accurate more times than not. Alice talks herself through solving her problems and this technique is very helpful. She always uses calculator to check her computation. Alice benefits from understanding how these math concepts are used daily in careers. This gives her an understanding of its importance in the real world.

European History

Alice has been making excellent progress this year. She has gained confidence in her ability to work independently and her work has improved dramatically. We will be working on developing her expository writing and presentation skills for the rest of the year. We will concentrate on writing structure, word choice, and formatting (citations, bibliography, etc.) as she develops her individual voice.


In this class students are learning about Acceleration, Buoyancy, and potential energy. We have built boats with different materials available. We took the boats to the pool to check if it will float or sink. It is a pleasure to have Alice in my class. We worked with formulas for buoyancy in which she had some problem but I worked with her and she is getting how to come to get the solution. She is a little shy, trying to make a conversation with her so she will talk more. She I will be working with her to further enhance her education.

Pre-Algebra Arts Integration

To compliment their Pre-Algebra lesson plan, we are looking at the use of a systematic grid- a predictable repetition of squares and how that can be used to create a universal image. The Egyptians used the grid system to assure that the figure would always be depicted the same way- in it's most ideal proportions. This lasted for 3000 years and introduces the notion that a math formula can equal beauty/truth. The Greeks and Romans embraced this as well as the Renaissance artists in the form of the Golden Rule. We also use the grid transfer to accurately enlarge a design, as in theatrical backdrops. Alice did a great job on her transfer. She already exhibits a good sense of hand eye coordination, where she can accurately render her source material on paper.

Alice's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours: 58

Alice has currently logged:
6 absences in Pre Algebra
3 absences in English
6 absences in Social Studies
3 absences in Physics