Byron Nelson

John Byron Nelson

Early Days

Byron Nelson was born on February 4, 1912 in Waxahache, Tx. Byron almost died when we was only 11 years old, due to to typhoid fever. He lost half his body weight due to his illness. His family moved to Forth Worth in hope of better healthcare. At the age of 12, Byron started caddying at Glen Garden Country Club, where he was first exposed to the game of golf. He didn't know any thing at first, but he was quick to learn. Caddies weren't allowed to play at the country club, but that wouldn't stop Byron. He would sneak in after dark and practice his putting on the green. The club later changed it's policy and sponsored the Glen Garden Caddy Tournament. At the age of 14, Byron Nelson was already on his way to becoming one of the best golfers in history, by beating his friend and rival Ben Hogan in the tournament. He won by a single stroke in a 9th hole playoff.

Professional Days

Nelson started his professional career in 1932, where he was a club professional for Glen Garden Club. Nelson entered as many professional tournaments as he could afford, to develop his game and get his name out in the professional world. Byron didn't have much money at the time, because Texas his hit hard by the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. There was a major change in his swing, when he switched from hickory shafts to steel shafts, this switch would change the golf world forever. Over the next few years, Nelson would fine tune the changes to his swing. He was one of the first to use a full swing with increased leg drive on the down swing. Byron would be credited as the father of the modern golf swing. The game's top pros use this technique to this day. In 1935, Nelson would take his game to the most elite level of competition, the PGA Tour. His first major tournament win was at the New Jersey sate open. He went on to win the Metropolitan Open, a year later.In 1937, he was hired as the head profession at Reading Country Club, in Reading, Pennsylvania. later that year, Byron would win his first event at the Masters. In this tournament he shot a 1st round 66, This stood as a record for the lowest first round in Masters history, until Raymond Floyd shot a 65 in the 1976 event. Nelson, went on to win four more major tournaments, The US Open in 1939, the PGA championship in 1940 and 1945, and another Masters in 1942.

Byron Nelson Tournament

The first Byron Nelson was in 1944 at Lakewood Country Club in Dallas, TX. Bryon Nelson was also the first winner of his own tournament. The Bryon Nelson tournament has been at many different locations over the years. It has been at Seven different locations in Dallas. The Byron Nelson also Gives to the community a lot, they are the leading fundraiser to Charity on the PGA tour. The Byron Nelson is held at TPC Las Colinas, and is Expecting to move locations again in the upcoming years.