Musical Persuasion

BY: Angel Rivas

Can Music affect a person's emotions and actions?

Yes,music affects emotions and actions very much.It has been proven to create feelings of calmness,happiness, romance,and ease.On the other hand music is said to give negative emotions like hate,anger,sadness,and depression.Music is said to make teenagers and various people fall victim to drugs, gangs and other negatives.

Negative Effects of Music

Negative Music.What is negative music exactly? Nowadays people have turned their problems to the music of today. Teenagers(sigh) are so easily influenced also, so that just adds the problems. When someone hears something catchy but lyrically explicit they always end up saying Y.O.L.O, and do something (depending on people's view) ethically wrong."Oh 2Chainz said to rob banks,get money,and women"."Let's rob banks,get money,and all the womens!(spelled wrong on purpose)". Scrawny suburban kids end up saying they "lived in the hood" when they have been in the suburbs their whole life.

More Negative Effects

Now ,let's talk about MORE negative music. What's with that one type of rock music and all the angry people screaming all the time and depression depression depression always depression.Hate music that's what they call it. To produce feelings of well,hate.Drugs have also been promoted in many music genres,mainly Rock and Rap.For example in 1993 known rapper "B-Real" wheeled a joint (weed) in front of 3,000 people gathered for his concert while the crowd chanted "I wanna get high".

Positive Effects of Music

"Enough of that negative crap Angel!". Fine...I hear you guys,let's get positive.As many negative effects music has on people and life,it has an equal amount of positive effects.Music can have a positive effect on a person's task performance,since it can change moods and give more motivation to the person who is listening.Some say music can be viewed as a form of language or speech and display more emotive force.

Musical Science

Music is also said to enhance creativity.Music is poured into both the right and left side of the brain,which can spark inspiration that eludes you. Also,a growing branch of medicine called Musical Therapy is said to increase the speed of the recovery process of the patients,either for physical therapy or post-operative recuperation.Still, Musical Therapy is largely dependent on a patients actual response to music.


Music can persuade many people and can create negative emotions or positive emotions.Music helps and music screws.Music persuades you into negative actions or can be used to unlock hidden talents and recover others.Music is neutral,it's a tool that only you decide to do with it.Amen

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