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Dear Inquisitive People Everywhere,

This newsletter is a compilation of interesting and engaging STEM activities for all ages. With school closed, my kids ask me every morning, "What experiment can we do today?" This is my answer to them and I'm excited to share it with you. Teachers, you can share this with families, or adapt anything here for your own remote lessons.

Stay safe & be well,


Smore's Resident Educator

Do you have the tools for experiments at home?

Yes! This is a collection of great science experiments that are done in a jar. Just a simple jar, from jam, or pickles, or whatever. It'll be absorbing for kids of all ages and older ones can do them independently. No protective gear required!

What if the world's best mathematicians...

Started explaining the mysteries of the world to us through mathematics? What if we discovered that mathematics is actually accessible and a really cool way of making sense of the world?That's what this series is. Click here and tune in!

One of the cool things about math...

Is that learning to solve math problems gives us the tools to solve ALL kinds of problems. Forget about a simple algorithm, the best problem-solving happens with trial and error, using your own thinking. Dive into this weekly problem!

A roundup of science-themed websites with free lessons & games

  • Legends of Learning: Superhero science games for grades 3–8. .
  • MysteryScience: Answers to the questions kids ask morning, noon & night. Spanish translation available.
  • NASA Education Resources: Never too early to start training to be an astronaut.
  • Teach Engineering - Did you know you could use Oreos to make a rover? Tons of activities to do at home.
  • Bill Nye The Science Guy: Check out the section on Home Demos. I don't have all of these materials in my (quarantine) home, but I have quite a few of them.
  • Switcheroo Zoo: If your kids are into animals and/or imagination games, this is a great site for you.

Stay safe and learn about the world.

Superhero Teacher

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