Warriors at Home

Standard Middle School - May 8, 2020

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Standard Middle School Warriors

Hi Warrior Families!

We want to wish all of the Warrior Moms out there a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! You deserve much appreciation!


  • LIBRARY BOOK RETURNS: Bring your library books to the MPR when you come by for lunch pickups, Mondays through Thursdays 10am to 11:30 am.
  • Connect with Teachers through Google Classroom & Email. Each week we will send you a newsletter with ideas and activities for the week. School departments and teachers will share notes here as well as in their own Google Classrooms.
  • We know it gets tougher. Hang in there! We are here to support you!


  • 3rd Quarter grades will be the 2nd semester (final) grades. The 4th quarter grade will start with the same grade from 3rd quarter. You may improve your 3rd quarter grades during this 4th quarter remote learning time. Contact your teachers for more information. Continue to do work and check in with class meetings and teacher office hours.
End of the Year: Please see the attached letter below for end of the year information.
  • Graduation will be virtual this year. An email was sent to all 8th grade students. See link below. Media Arts teacher Mr. Coppola is working on creating a memorable video that commemorates the school year and honors all 8th grade graduates. It will include student photos and names, along with speeches. This video will be available online and will be emailed to graduates upon completion in May.
  • Have arrived and are being mailed home! All 8th grade students will receive a yearbook for FREE! We know this doesn't make up for graduation but we hope it helps you remember SMS fondly. If you are an 8th grade student and paid for a yearbook, you will receive a refund through the mail.
  • 7th and 6th grade students may have their parents sign-up to purchase a yearbook. You will be billed for this purchase, and yearbooks are $25 each. Use the LINK BELOW to order a yearbook.
First day of school 2020-2021 School Year: Wednesday, August 12th.
  • There will be an incoming 6th grade orientation on Tuesday, August 11th.
  • All incoming 7th grade students must provide records to verify their TDAP immunizations PRIOR to the first day of school. Students without TDAP verification will not be given a school schedule.

You are in our thoughts and we are here to help! You may email staff for specific questions, or you may email me and I'll direct you to support. My email address is: sdenton@standardschools.net.

Moms Rock!!

Susan Denton



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SMS Principal Letter to Families 4-17-2020

An update for families (4-17-2020)

We Miss You a Bit-Moji!

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Click the Links Below for Online Resources!

Counseling Corner

Hello Students!

We want you to know WE MISS YOU! We miss connecting with you, supporting you, and helping you get through school.

We know it all feels very different and weird, but the counselors are STILL here for you! We wanted to share with you one way we will be supporting you. Starting now, the counselors will be hosting "Virtual Office Hours" (VOH). Here is what that means: a counselor will be available to chat, email, or video ANY TIME during their office hours. If you need to talk, we will be available!

Here are a couple main points about VOH:

1. You can talk to either counselor!

2. If you need to talk outside Virtual Office Hours, please send us an email and we can connect with you ASAP.

3. Please use this time to ask questions, get support, or any resources you may need.

4. To contact us during VOH, please log into your email and you can chat, video chat, or email us.

Virtual Office Hour Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday: Mrs. Webb (kwebb@standardschools.net)

Tuesday/Thursday: Ms. Patrick (lpatrick@standardschools.net)

Monday-Thursday availability 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM

Lastly, we will still be posting helpful resources on our Google Classroom. If you haven't signed up yet, please get on our Counseling Corner Google Classroom. The code is: jxz7kef

As always, YOU are the best part of our job. Please reach out and let us know if you need anything!

Patrick and Webb


History Department Update:

Each history teacher is positing assignments and activities on their Google Classroom pages. Have your student login and check out what is there.

~Burditt, Gallington, Bridges, Colbert, Deger

English Lanugage Arts Department

SMS's ELA department has been posting assignments and messages to our students in Google Classroom. Also, Lexia PowerUP is recommended 15-25 minutes a day as well as the posted assignments. Check in to do ONLINE meetings with your teachers.

-Capela, Kerr, Casselman, Ince, Wong, Watkins, Santillan, Pratt, Bermea, Mullich, Rogers, Segundo


STUDENTS: Go online and check your Google Classroom for Assignments from your specific teachers.

-Cavazos, Decker, Harwell, Parra, Young, Samari, Aranda, Gusman, Kaff, Rascoe, Carter


The 87th & 8th Science teams have been posting to our Google Classrooms assignments, and links to additional Science websites, videos, and other resources for students and parents to use.

Be sure to connect with your teachers if you have any questions.

-Albitre, Coppola, Sanders, Gage, Williams

From 6th Grade

6th grade Teachers encourage to join Online class meetings. Check your google classroom and email for times and days.

(Aranda, Carter, Gusman, Kaff, Rascoe, Samari, Mullich, Pratt, Santillan, Bermea, Rogers, Segundo)

If you don’t have the class codes, email your teacher.

We miss you!

Library and Reading

Many of you are probably aware that there are a lot of free ebooks out there for your students. While not everyone has a Kindle or access to a laptop almost everyone has a smartphone these days. With a simple app on your phone you can be reading. I'm including a list of places in case you didn't know of them. Enjoy.

Don't forget that our library has a Google classroom too with puzzles, worksheets, newsletters and I'll see what else I can put on there while we're out.

Here's a list of 11 places where you can find a wealth of free e-books (yes, free e-books!). (article from Mashable)

The Kern County Library has an online library also. ELibrary is easy to access with multiple digital platforms including audio books and movies. They have really stepped up their game in this department and have a lot of children's books and teen books available. You must have a Kern County Library card but that is available by calling or filling it out online. Just renewed mine online last week. Had to wait a day or two but right now that's a minor inconvenience.

Another great app that I am enjoying immensely right now is Duolingo. It's free if you don't mind the ads and there are so many languages you can be learning in an engaging environment.

Hope this helps.


Amanda Kramer, media clerk, Standard Middle School Library