Say No to Uniforms!!!

By Joel Schiesz

This tie is killing me! DISCONTINUE USING UNIFORMS ALREADY!!! They are stupid.

A mammoth reason about no uniforms is getting lost. Young kids can easily get lost and frightened when they can't get to class. Especially when a hurricane of kids are in the way of the teacher and you. Then recess comes along. Everyone is piling out of school and taking you and your friend with them. Then a swarm of red,green,and blue come out with your friend looking like a hundred other juveniles. Now it's time to go back to your Habitat. More and more kids seem to appear out of thin air. When does it stop? Then your mom is here with one hundred more. Your mom is gone with your brother but not you. You cry and cry and cry till your mom comes back. I hate uniforms because of how many times you can get lost.

Getting lost is bad enough, what about thinking someone is someone else? Pshh… “Oh oops I punched a kid sorry.” (sic) Nope. Fifty other kids in green are lined up, and they end up expelling the kindest kid in school. How horrific? Then a bully starts chasing you. What do you do? Run around a corner,and five minutes see a kid with a bloody nose, a black eye, and limping to the nurse's office. Then you go to your “so called friend” (sic) and she calls you a idiot and walked away. Your left heart broken. I say no to uniforms because of the lack of identification.

To further support my idea of not using uniforms is by being individual What about when you used to to show who you were in a tshirt and not a polo. Oh what about when you see the best shirt ever. You buy it. Now you see it and you plead your head off. Even the shirts calling your name. No. Its because you don't need it. Your mom says “ You have your uniform now let's go!” WHY? Why uniforms? WHY?!?!?! I believe uniforms should be disintegrated from Earth because the disregard the ways of expressing yourself.

Uniforms are like totally last year. We should ban uniforms because of how many kids get lost. The amount of confusion. Lastly the lack of expressing yourself. Dr. Therman please don't use uniforms.