build the good credit

how to get a good credit rate

The Basics of Credit

  • Credit is the money we borrowing from bank has to be pay back a loan.
  • All of forms are, loan student,mortgage,auto loan,personal loan,loan for veterans,small business loan, payday loan,borrowing from retirements & life insurance consolidate,borrowing from friends or family,Cash advance ,home equality loans .
  • 20.000 online bonus points after you make at least $1000 in purchases in the first 90 days --which can be redeemed for a $200 statement credit which goes toward travel purchases
  • They get 10% which is for car.

George Credit

George wants to buy a car need a good credit score to borrow the money form bank which is called credit. George need to be creditworthy,which means he reliable enoght to pay back the loan.So he proved that is working, and responsibility to pay credit every month,he will pay the interest is own a bank,It show on credit report of the payment,that Gorge is paying for car.

Bank is lender still borrow the money to George already pay all loan the money he own for bank and use the credit card to make a good credit score he bought the bed which also use the personal loans 500$ and credit card 500$ to make good rate for each type of banking.

George wants make an account he has to pay the annual fees to be able to use an account in checking and saving possibility.

George Have to know that each card have credit limits,and he can’t take a big amount of credit

Money because all have limits. Also Gorge must know that he will be charge the every mouth for borrowing the money is called interest rate.If he fail with paying the card he will get penalty fee for not paying own money.George wants to get the pay all own money to bank then he would take over the limit fees to take more then limited money.

What is credit card & How to use credit card and have benefits

  • Credit card is the object where you can save some money on saving account,Credit card is using for thinks we are not able to pay at the same credit card loan the money from bank.
  • Credit card I can use at any time ,but the most is useless is in emergency.
  • The benefits of using credit cards to purchases the including gas and groceries.

Bank of america:

annual fee 0.00%

Annual rate 1.5

0 point per $

American express:

Annual rate 1.00%

Annual fee 75$

Don’t Fall Into the Credit Card Trap

My tip is when some one want the good credit rate you must use credit card to buy some stuff you would like to buy,example TV,Computer,laptop or Cellphone