Sustainability at Knox College

December: a Sharing Economy at Knox

Hello, Knox Community! This is the first monthly newsletter of the Office of Sustainability. Are you excited to learn more about Knox's sustainability services, like the rechargeable battery swap, the hourly car rental program, and the office supply share cabinet? Have you ever wondered what happens to the food and paperware you put in the Gizmo compost bin? If so, you will enjoy this monthly publication.

The theme of our December newsletter is "A Sharing Economy at Knox." Scroll on down to learn about the various ways our Knox College experience is enriched through resource sharing programs that cut individual and institutional spending, and improve communication and networking, all while reducing solid waste and natural resource exploitation!

Office Supply Share

You never need to buy a folder, binder, or paper clips again! The Office of Sustainability hosts an office supply share zone, where all employees of Knox can take or leave usable office supplies. At present, we are inundated with hanging file folders, 3-ring binders, paper clips, filing trays, clipboards, and other office miscellany.

Before you place your next order for office supplies, please come by the Office of Sustainability (in Seymour Union, down the stairs by the Gizmo) and peruse this supply stash. If you have excess office supplies that your department would like to purge, feel free to contribute them as well.

This simple act of resourcefulness is a celebration of community. By networking and sharing resources among departments in this fashion, we can cut overall expenditures, reduce materials bound for the landfill, and have ready access to items we need when we need them. Come explore the Office Supply Share!

Free Packing Materials

Are you sending holiday packages this month? Come by the mail room in Seymour Union, and avail yourself of free bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and even boxes! Collection bins, maintained along the north wall of the mail room, serve as a place to drop off and pick up all kinds of reusable packing materials.

Polystyrene packing peanuts and soft plastic bubble wrap are not recyclable in this region, but they ARE reusable! Help conserve natural resources and keep these materials out of landfills by prolonging the life of these products through sharing.

UHaul Car Share

The U-Haul CarShare vehicle, a silver Prius parked outside the Seymour Library, is a community vehicle that you can rent by the hour. Need to make a trip? Sign up for a UHaul CarShare account at, and you can borrow the car with a few clicks on your smartphone! For $4.95 an hour and 50 cents a mile, you can run a quick errand at little cost - especially if you share the trip with a friend!

What makes this a sustainability initiative? The environmental impact of manufacturing a car is great, and most cars sit unused for the majority of hours in the day. This car, however, made 86 trips in October, and clocked a total of 202 hours of use! As programs like this one expand, it will become increasingly possible for people to live without owning their own personal vehicle.

Signing up for the first time? Use the coupon code CORTNEY for one free hour of driving!

The Free Store

A crucial piece in the sharing economy at Knox is the Free Store, located in the basement of Conger Neal residence hall. The Knox College Free Store is an on-campus site that operates like a thrift store, but without price tags or monetary exchange. Items available in this no-cost "store" include furniture, clothing, home goods, electronics, books, shoes, craft supplies, and more. Items can be donated by dropping them off during store hours or by contacting the Office of Sustainability.

Stop by tomorrow to check out the free store and do a little holiday shopping! (See event invitation below)

Free Store Staff Shopping Extravaganza!

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 1:30-4pm

531 S West St

Galesburg, IL

Sip hot cocoa, listen to music, and browse the store for items you can use. The store is stocked with housewares, home decor, clothing and shoes, toys, and even craft supplies!

The Free Store is located in the basement of Conger-Neal residence hall. Enter through the side basement door from the loading area on West Street.

The Free Store is a perpetual celebration of community. We've all heard the proverb about "one person's trash..." - come search for *treasures* among the items others have offered!

Happy Holidays from the Office of Sustainability!

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