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Make the Most of Your Google Experience!

Did you know that Google can be used for more than just a typical search engine? Or, to find the time in far away countries? The following strategies will help you with an efficient use of Google and Google Chrome.

Shortening a Lengthy URL

Every so often, you may want to send along or share a link with someone that is extremely long. Instead of taking up massive space in the e-mail, use Google's URL shortener. Simply type "goo.gl" into your browser bar, copy and paste the long URL there, and a short URL is generated to the side in milliseconds! Very easy to use and makes clicking and sending links much easier!

Use Google to Convert Measurements

Another ease of use is the ability to convert units of measurement or distance using Google. This can be done easily in a Google Search Bar. For example, if I want to search how many yards are in 36 feet, I would simply type "36 feet to yards" in my search box. Google will do the conversion for you faster than a Jimmy John's delivery! The measurement calculator also appears if you have more than one conversion.

Easily Find the Definition of a Word

If you're ever unsure of a word, or it's pronunciation, using Google to determine a meaning is incredibly easy. In the search bar, simply type, "define: ________" and the word, followed by its definition will appear. Also included is its word origin, pronunciation audio, and the coolest feature, a "use graph." This shows you how much the word has been used in print over the years as a line graph. A neat thing to view if you're ever curious about the etymology or frequency of a word!

Searching for a Specific Filetype

If you've ever wanted a worksheet that you can easily print off or find a quick PowerPoint (blech!), Google makes it easy! Once you have your topic determined in the search bar, follow it with, "filetype:___." For example, if I want to search something that provides a parts of speech overview, my search may look like this: "Parts of speech overview filetype:pdf." Replace "pdf" with any filetype to bring up a list of documents or presentations to use as you wish!

Find the time anywhere in the world!

Easily find the time and hour differential with this simple Google search strategy. In the search bar, type "current time in (location)" and it will give you the exact time! A pretty cool feature if you're teaching about a different part of the world to see what part of their day they're in!

Happy Searching!

Google, once again, makes it super easy to locate what you want! It's finding the tips to get you there quicker that allows our lives to be more e-fficient!!

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