Anna & Emily period 1

Function of an Astrocytes cell

The function is absorption of neural transmitters and the maintenance of the blood-brain barrier.

The 3 more common organelles:

1. Nucleus

2. Ribosomes

3. Rough ER

How these organelles contribute to the fuction of the cell:

Rough Er- the function of this organelles contributes by assembling the proteins.

Ribosomes-they are linked with amino acids and specified by RNA.

Nucleus- contains the genetic material of the cell.

A type of tissue Astrocytes creates

Astrocytes create the tissue that is found in your nerves.

Organs that Astroyctes are found in

This cell can be found in your spinal cord. Astrocytes are most abundant in your brain.

Functions of the cells

The Astrocytes provide nutrients to nervous tissue. They also are a main part in the scaring and repairing process when your brain or spinal cord go through a traumatic injury,
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