Eleanor and Park

By: Rainbow Rowell

Summary of the Book

Eleanor and Park is about a girl who has just moved back in with her mom after staying with some of her moms friends for a while. The only reason she has not been with her mom the whole time is because her step-dad does not like her and kicked her out one day. Eventually though Eleanor's mom convinced him to let her come back and live with them.

Eleanor is a red-headed girl who on her first day of school had to ride the bus and of course everyone already had their normal seats where they always sat and nobody would let her sit down until finally after 5 minutes of her standing there a boy named Park let her sit next to him.

Eleanor did not look like any of the kids at her new school, which made it hard for her to fit in. Eleanor has bright red curly hair and was a little heavier than the rest of the other kids. Eleanor was made fun of all day, and it would continue for awhile and the longer it happened the worse it got. One day some girls in her gym class even urinated on her school clothes, so she had to wear her hideous gym uniform all day.

Throughout the book Park decides that he should be the bigger person as his mother always said and be friends with Eleanor. As their friendship grew they eventually started dating. Now when Eleanor is being picked on Park is there to help protect her and defend her.

About the Author: Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell is an American author of young adult and adult contemporary novels. She has many works including Attachments, Eleanor and Park, Fangirl, Landline, and Carry On.

My Opinion

I absolutely loved this book, it is one of my many favorites. I think I liked it so much, because it shows compassion towards others and if we are all on one team then we all get more things done and there is less cruelty towards others.