Iron Woman/Ashley Wall

By: Nikki Kaczmarczyk

Where did Iron Woman come from?

One day Ashley Wall didn't feel good so she went to her local doctor. They had found out she had anemia after taking a blood test. This meant that her iron level was too low. They told her to take some Fe vitamin pills to increase her iron level. Ashley went to the store and picked some up but when she came home she found that there was only one pill in the bottle. It was a little red pill that looked like ibuprofen but she took it anyway. This pill caused her to go into a straight sleep for 14 days. When she had awoken from it in the hospital, everyone was still surprise that she was so alive. Her body had so much iron it had reproduced the iron inside her but it was not damaging her at all. So as Ashley learned to cope with her ability, she started providing iron to people who had anemia. She also started taking the iron out of people who had too much because it did not damage her at all. She was a medical superhero and help out at as many hospitals as she could.

Her Element Info:

Symbol: Fe

Name: Iron

Atomic #:26

Avg Atomic Mass:55.85



Characteristics of Iron:

1.Component of hemoglobin used as a protein that carries oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body.

2.Component of myoglobin used as a protein that provides oxygen to muscles.

3.Huge amounts of Iron are used to make steel.

Important uses of Iron:

1.Iron forms much of Earths outer and inner core.

2.Iron is an important part of the human body.

3.Used in stainless steel, helps to create strength to withstand high temperature and pressure.

Her powers and characteristics:

1. She was capable of giving people Iron who did not have enough in them.

2 She could also take out Iron in people who had way too much.

3. In people who had damage from having too much Iron, she also had the ability to heal the areas in their body that had been damaged.