2012 Tornado and Hail Storm

North Texas

Disaster Summary

On April 3rd 2012, the people in Dallas knew there would be a storm that afternoon but they weren’t expecting a tornado. Actually two tornadoes that were large and extremely dangerous. Collapsing roofs, tearing down power lines and tossing trailers because the tornadoes were THAT powerful. A tornado watch — meaning that conditions are ripe for tornadoes to continue to form — was in place for 33 counties in north-central and northeastern Texas until 8 p.m. CT, the National Weather Service reported.

How Did It Affect The Food and Water?

It manly affected the water because the tornadoes tore though lots of power lines and electric cables causing many people to lose the power of water. Also, it affected the food because even though only 349 homes were destroyed others were ripped up making many people homeless, foodless ,and waterless.

How Did It Affect Energy Sources?

With all the tornadoes (six-thirteen) they caused a lot of power outages because they destroyed many power lines and electric cables making many people go without power. It affected all thirty-three counties that were hit by the tornadoes.

How Did It Affect Abiotic Factors?

Roofs collapsed, power lines were torn down cars were damaged, and trailers were tossed around like toys. Also around, 150 homes and 300 buildings were damaged in the city.

How Did It Affect Biotic Factors?

The tornadoes didn’t take any one's life but injured only seventeen people-two severely, one critical. Hurt many other living things like dogs and cats.

How Did it Affect Humans?

A total of 2,392 flights were canceled due to the Storm. Luckily very few people were hurt however many houses, roofs, and cars were damaged. Lastly, there were no deaths from this Storm.

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