Alex Crinzi

(A Day in the Life of...)


WAZZUUUUUPPPPPP!!!! I'm Alex Crinzi. I'm from Buffalo, NY and proud of it!! (mmm...delicious Wings.... =D). I have a brother who's 28 and about to be a Father!! I am a huge fan of the Buffalo Sabres and I try to be a Bills fan, but it can be difficult at times. =/ I am from a suburb south of Buffalo called Orchard Park, and I've lived there my whole life. I have 2 cats, Summer and Maria, and they are full of personality! I've had some amazing memories both inside OP, and far from it!


I Love Music! I listen to really every kind of music except Polka. If you follow me on Spotify, you'll probably get confused with my spontaneous selections of favorite songs. My all time favorite band is a tie between blink-182 and Incubus. Both bands have their own attributes that really make it fun to listen to their music.

I love to play my Violin in orchestras and have played since age 4. Is it bad if I get to a point where I have to do math to figure how long I've been playing for? =D I've been into the New York State Honors Orchestra, my county orchestras, the Orchard Park Symphony, the Southtowns Youth Orchestra, and almost every other Orchestra in my area.

I also joined my marching band in 2010, and played bottom bass drum. It was an incredible experience from Sophomore year all the way to my Senior year when I was section leader.

Incubus - Drive


For my 17th birthday, my Dad bought me a Nikon D90 DSLR camera. Since then, my love for Photography has grown. I took two photography courses in High School, and I hope I can get the chance to shoot professionally! Hopefully sports, such as NFL or NHL Games.


I'm such a geek!! I build my own computers. I have built 3 for my personal use, and consistently open it, just to blast the dust out. =) I have a lot of power behind it that I use for Photoshop to Games and anything in between. It runs exactly how I want it, and I paid less than $600. I have hosted over 12 LAN (Local Area Network) parties in my basement back home. 8 of my friends would come over with their super computers and we would play games all night. If anyone is need computer support, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do! =D

Boy Scouts

High Adventure Camps

Boy Scouts is not only tying knots and helping old ladies across the street. You have some fun over the summers. I have been to 3 different High Adventure Camps, one in Canada and two in the US.

The first one was in Algonquin Park in Canada. It was a 5 day Canoeing Trek across the many lakes of Algonquin. To get from lake to lake, we had to hike all of our gear across what is known as a Portage. The second was in North Carolina. It was a 50 Mile hike in the Smoky Mountains, and it was incredible. The third was in the Florida Keys. A camp known as Sea Base, where we took a 5 day Sailing Expedition in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and around the Keys.

With a Little Help from my Friends... My Eagle Scout Project

With much effort and procrastination, I was finally able to start and complete my Eagle Scout Project over the summer. To be an Eagle Scout is an extreme honor and shows great dedication and leadership, all of which comes together to be shown through a service project for the community.

I took on the task of replacing the roof on my Church's gazebo. The catch was I have never done any roofing or carpentry before this. I needed volunteers and fast before I came to BW. I started planning in June and at the finish, I calculated over 197 man hours worked on it. This was a HUGE project, and with the help of my amazing friends and adult workers, we were able to get it done in under 2 weeks. Here are some pictures...