Diamond Divas-March NewsLetter!

Gem Fatales Gemstones- Team Diamond Divas

Spring is here!!

The snow is melting and people are tired of being indoors!! March thru June months are some of our busiest retail months so if you have friend considering joining Stella & Dot- now is the PERFECT time to start up!

Our new capsule collection is already receiving a TON of love!! Wait until you see what's to come mid-April! Also- plan your Mother's Day gifting trunk shows now! Its a great way to get the girls together shopping for Mom.

How will you fill up your Spring with shows to propel into the Summer Months? 12-15 shows a quarter will grow your business and your team expediently!

If you're a hobbyist or busy with another job, consider selling $500 retail a month in March, April, and May so you can score your $100 consistency bonus! That's less than a show a month.

Stylist of the Month! Casey McCaffrey, Associate Stylist

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How long have you worked with Stella & Dot? I have been a stylist for just over one year.

How many hours a week do you work? How I work my business really depends on my availability with my full time job which is one of the many reasons why I love Stella and Dot-you can work as much or as little as you want! Some weeks I work my business 2 hours a week sometimes 5 (that also fluctuates depending upon how many trunk shows I have booked).

What's keeping you busy these days? I currently work full time as a speech pathologist and my husband and I are constantly traveling to go see our friends and family, honestly more often than not we are in our cars!

Hobbies/Interests? In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and planning bridal showers (I have 8 weddings this year-Ahh!!)

What's your best advice for someone considering the S&D opportunity? My best advice for those considering joining as a stylist....JUST DO IT! Honestly there is nothing to lose... You get amazing jewelry, meet our amazing stylists and become part of the family, meet so many wonderful people at our trunk shows, gain more confidence and independence, plus have the flexibility to run your business your way!!

My favorite blue card purchase: I haven't bought anything really crazy yet, I love having the financial freedom to buy the little extras I want for myself that I probably wouldn't be able to afford otherwise!!! Sometimes it's home decor at Home Goods, makeup (that I don't need haha) from Sephora, a J Crew stop, or grabbing an unexpected lunch with a girlfriend.

Thoughts on filling your cup!

You're in business for yourself and no by yourself! And, no doubt, there are a ton of resources out there to help you stay connected. Online sources such as our community in the lounge as well as Facebook forums are helpful. But real live in-person connecting with other stylists or your upline is so helpful in filling your cup! My biggest tip would be to try to attend a local monthly stylist meet up in your area. I PROMISE you will leave there feeling welcomed, happy and ready to implement new things for your business, and you will definitely have made a new friend or two. Attend any home office sponsored events in your area- these are so helpful. In my 4 years in business, I have always taken away a valuable tidbit from every training that I have attended. Lastly, if you have a particular skill you want to refine- try to attend an observation trunk show with your upline or another local leader in your area . I have also found the "Tips from the Top" calls sponsored by home office SUPER helpful. These are very topic-specific-lcoated in the Lounge under training calls.
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Want an all expenses paid vacation to Jamaica? Glam earnings period is happening now! How can you earn it? Check out the glam trip calculator in the lounge and chat with your upline to help you set goals!!


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Melissa Catuogno, Associate Director

I have been a stylist with Stella & Dot since May 2011. I was not much of a jewelry wearer as a registered nurse with small kids but I was immediately intrigued with the company, its mission and its impressive 700% growth during the recession. My first goal was to just do a few shows over the summer, score some free jewelry and my investment back. I did not have much time when I started with 2 young girls at home, another job AND going back to school at night to finish my Bachelors but somehow I knew I could fit one show a month in. After a few shows during my jumpstart and lots of free jewelry- I knew I could fit in more than a show a month. Over the past 4 years, I have built my business consistently, part-time, around the needs of my family. My favorite part of my job is mentoring others to help them achieve success while helping them to maintain balance in other important areas of their life. I am so grateful for each and every one of you on our team!