Clean Up Committee

By: Cameron Caroll, Seth Gelsomino, and Alex Velazquez

About The Committee

The purpose of the Clean Up Committee is to make East Windsor more presentable, make East Windsor cleaner. When people think of East Windsor, people think of the town as poor and dirty. We want that to change, we want people to think of East Windsor as clean and beautiful. The first things we plan to do are to clean the reservoir and make it presentable, make renovate the textile mill, and fix the Broad Brook garage and gas pumps.

The Reservoir

One of our goals is to clean up the East Windsor Park on 27 Reservoir Ave, Broad Brook. When you go to the park, one of the first things you will notice is the body of water. Parents bring their children to swim in the reservoir, and during the summer there is a camp at the East Windsor park that allows the campers to swim in the reservoir frequently. With the large amount of people that swim in the reservoir, there should be more procedures done to make sure that the water at the park is clean and safe enough for people to swim in. Also at the East Windsor Park, the Clean Up Committee would like to make the entrance of the park more presentable, more inviting, have more things that make people drive by and think that they should go to the park more often. Maybe add some big, nice flowers, and to bring people to the park, have special events happen at the East Windsor park.
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Restoring Vintage Buildings

Another one of our goals to accomplish cleaning up and refreshing East Windsor is to restore some of the vintage buildings that still stand, for example the old gas station on Main street in Broad Brook could be repainted and possibly restored to have a working pump. If the gas station was reopened it could also be an attraction to come to east windsor for gas nearby. Another reason the gas station could simply be cleaned up is if it was painted, the building is totally intact the only problem is the paint looks kind of old and isn't very inviting to see from the perspective of someone wanting to move here.
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Old Landmarks and General Clean Up

Our last goal to clean up East Windsor is to clean up old abandon landmarks and unused plots in the public. One example of an old building that needs cleaning is the textile mill behind the kings way plaza since it's unused and very dirty because of the chemical enriched fields on it. If the textile mill was cleaner we can make it into a rec hall or historic landmark and have the historic landmark protection committee protect it from people who could cause potential harm. Also we should clean unused plots on the side of roads and street signs because of the graffiti and garbage that rounds up from teenagers and irresponsible adults. If more public areas were cleaner we could attract more people to our town and not get a negative association with our town.
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