Battle of Camden

By: Maiden Zietz


The Battle of Camden was one of the Last British Victories. This Battle was in South Carolina. This battle was in the town of Camden. There were three generals on each side, there were also commanders. Both armies had similar uniforms but different colors. For example they both had turned up hats. The Britsh victory was one of the last, but it was an every important battle.

Battle in South Carolina

This Battle in South Carolina was one of the most suffering defeats towards the Americans. South Carolina was under the control of the British. The battle was on August 16, 1780. In the morning, Cornwallis and his men attacked the Americans. The Americans were forced to surrender. The surrendered because they were getting utterly defeated. If they hadn't surrendered many more American soldiers would have been killed. Camden, South Carolina was about 100 miles northwest of Charleston. Camden, South Carolina was the oldest existing inland in the state. The Americans got one of the most crushing defeats in South Carolina, it was a big loss for the Americans.
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South Carolina Battle

Generals and Camanders

There were three Generals for the British and for the Americans. The three generals on the British army were Lord Charles Cornwallis, Banastre Tarleton, and Francis Randan. The American Generals were Sir Henry Clinton, Johann de Kalb, and Marquis de la Rouerie. Horatio Gates was a American Commanders. Lord Cornwallis was born in December 31, 1738 to a wealthy well known family. At the age of 18 he entered the army despite the fact that he was blind in one eye from a hockey injury. Years later Cornwallis and his men went to attack the Americans in Camden. Sir Henry led an army and captured Cornwallis. Cornwallis died at the age of 77 on October 5, 1805. Each side of the armies had 3 generals in the battle of Camden.
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Horatio Gates


The British wore read coats, head gear, the bearskin mitre cap for grendier. They also wore leather caps for light infantry and cocked 3 cornered hat. The Americans wore similar uniforms but in blue. They also wore a hat turned up on one side. There shirts were made out of linen Cotten. Then they had a black leather stock worn around there necks. They had a wool coat usually with color. Finally they had a pair or liner or wool leather trousers, or overalls, stockings and leather shoes. Over all, both sides of the armies wore similar uniforms but in different colors.
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British uniforms

The Battle of Camden

Even though this was one of the last British victories it was an important victory for the British. South Carolina was under the control of the British, witch was an advantage. All in all, there were also commanders as well as generals. Ultimately, the men on each side had the same uniforms but in different colors. In summary, this battle it was a big loss for the Americans.


Utterly- Something that is very bad, or suffered.

Despite- Without being affected.

Infantry- Soldiers marching or standing on foot.

Gendier- A soldier armed with grenades.



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