Question 1 what is D-DAY

D-DAY is the term for a secret date on which a military operation is to begin. D-Day stands for doom's Day. It was when the allies invaded Normandy, France. They were fighting against the Germans. The Germans were controlling a lot at that time. That is why the ally powers decided to invade Germany, and it was during World War 2, so there was already a lot going on.

Question 2 Why did they have rubber tanks?

During D-DAY there was rubber tanks. They used rubber tanks to try and fool their enemies. From the air the rubber tanks looked real to the airplanes and helicopters. It made their enemies waste their bullets and ammo on the fake tanks. They played a big roll in World War 2. They were used by the ally powers, and the axis powers. It really was destructive.

Question 3 When did D-DAY occur, and what happened during D-DAY?

D-DAY occurred during World War 2. It was really destructive. People were killed and a lot of people from the ally powers were killed. The ally powers were the United States, England, France, and The Soviet Union. There were many people on the ally side that were killed even though it sounds like the Germans were outnumbered, they had a huge army. The allies decided they were going to invade the Germans on June 6, 1944. The invasion ended in August later on that year. France had been liberated. In the end the ally powers had won. The Germans lost a lot because of that battle. Although D-DAY did not end World War 2, it played a big factor in ending it, and that is why D-DAY is important.

The picture above on this slide is a picture of the fake rubber tanks that the allies and axis powers used.

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