Fun in First with Mrs. Crist

2015-2016 First Grade Happenings


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  • We have an Education student from Coe College in our classroom. His name is Mr. Martin and he is here to learn how to be a teacher as well as work with the kids. Please let me know if you have questions!



April 22nd: Earth Day

April 22nd: A to Z Countdown begins!

April 27th: Early Out


May 2nd: McTeacher Night at the Marion McDonalds

May 3rd: Kindergarten and 1st Grade Music Performance (Tentative: 6:15pm-7:00pm)

May 12th: Ice Cream Social

May 20th: Field Trip to Nature Center

Starry Games (TBD): We will need volunteers!

May 27th: Early Out & Last Day of School


MONDAY, April 4th

  • Art

TUESDAY, April 5th

  • PE...please wear gym shoes
  • Library...please return your library books!

WEDNESDAY, April 6th

  • PE...please wear gym shoes
  • Music

THURSDAY, April 7th

  • PE...please wear gym shoes
  • Library checkout only...please return your library books!
  • Vocabulary test

FRIDAY, April 8th

  • PE...please wear gym shoes
  • Music
  • Mrs. Crist is gone for the day


Stories: "The New Friend" & "Symbols of our Country"


  • Characters
  • Vowel Combinations (ou, ow): how, now, house, out, town, ouch, owl

Essential Question: What can you learn from someone who is from another country?

Words to Know:

  • buy, city, family, myself, party, please, school, seven


  • shallow: not deep
  • lugging: carrying a heavy load
  • blossoms: flowers
  • cavern: a cave
  • shady: an area out of the sun
  • ledge: a flat space like a shelf sticking out on the side of a mountain


This week:

  • Skip counting by following a pattern
  • This is a very tricky skill. Please look over your child's math work in their folder with them.

Here is what else we are reviewing:

  • Time to the hour and half hour
  • Balanced equations
  • Coins and their values


Check out XtraMath on your computer or tablet! The kids use it to practice their fast facts quickly and accurately. It's a fun way to do a little math each day!

Please see the note I sent home to access your student's account or contact me with questions!

*For responsibility if students do XtraMath I give them a stamp on their pyramid*


We started splash math at school on a 3 month free trial. Information will be sent home for how to log on.


Our kit is called: Plants and Animals

We planted Rye Grass and Alfalfa to grow a lawn. We trimmed our lawn last week. We are also waiting for our stem cuttings and wheat seed to grow.

Big image


  • BRING A COAT, HAT, AND GLOVES! It's been very chilly outside!
  • When there is snow, please bring snow pants and boots (please label all your child's things)
  • Bring a water bottle to school
  • Empty your take home folder daily
  • If your child is going home different than normal, please send a note to myself and the office. I will always send your child to their normal pick up place unless I have a note.