(I for one prefer cleaner sources of energy)

So let's see the energy!

Living in Queensland gives us a lot of opportunities for renewable energy i.e our sunny homeland and our vicious yet graceful waves. So lets see what we have here.. solar energy, of course! Just imagine living in a world, where you could live in a lively world without pollution. I know it doesn't sound like much but trust me, it's for the better of this world.(P.S you don't have to worry about any sorts of danger from this source of energy).


Wave energy; option number 2!

Solar energy is good but not reliable. So let's pick wave energy! Just imagine harnessing the power of waves! OR EVEN TSUNAMIS!!! We could power Queensland for years to come! So now waves not only have the power to inspire, but also the power for power!(Power meaning cleanly produced energy).So wake up Queensland, if we want to save ourselves and the world.