Monday Minutes

September 19, 2016

**This week's Newsletter Written by Dara**

Thank Yous and Celebrations

  • Thank you to teachers for meeting with us to get your T-TESS Goals completed! We have until next Tuesday, September 27, to make changes and finalize goals in Eduphoria.
  • Thank you to all staff members for showing Dr. Bingelli what a wonderful school we have here at Bethany Elementary during his visit to our campus!
  • Thank you to the specials teachers for letting us interrupt your time with students TWO DAYS IN A ROW (for Picture Day and Eddie Coker).
  • Thank you to Team Leaders for the marathon Team Leader Meeting! We have some great plans because of you!
  • Thank you to the staff members who attended our Mooyah Dining for Dollars Fundraiser!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Swain for heading up our new and improved assemblies!
  • Thank you to Ms. Kelm for securing our LPAC parent reps and conducting those meetings!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Burton for holding auditions to find just the right kids for the Bethany All Star Choir!
  • Thank you to the 5th Grade teachers for getting our kids ready for Camp!
  • Thank you to Ms. Danawala for organizing our Running Club!


*District Instructional Support Staff will be on campus this afternoon! Flag Belinda Kinney, Robin Oldfather, or Misty Schreiber down if you have a curriculum question.

*If you need something in the Bugle, get it turned in to Abby Mason NOW!! Content is due TOMORROW!

*Please prepare for Wednesday's Staff Meeting by doing the following:

~Read Chapter 1-8 of Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box.

~Bring one question to promote discussion about the reading.

~Bring one "Ah Ha!" or something that resonated with you from your reading.

*Specials, please be prepared to start our Staff Meeting with your Ice Breaker.

*Next week's PLC Meeting (9/28) will be used to get ourselves focused for the year. We want YOU to have a choice in what you're learning this year! Please come prepared with three topics you would like to learn more about during our PLC Meetings this year. Write one topic each on a sticky note, for a total of 3 sticky notes, and bring those sticky notes to the meeting. We will group your topic ideas under like headings so that we have new PLC topics for the year designed by you! Throughout the year, each PLC will use Google Classroom to discuss and share ideas/articles/videos that relate to our PLC topic. Ask your TL for more information.

Strategy of the Week-Are You Ready for the New School Year?

Upcoming Events

  • September 19-21 Collin County Adventure Camp for 5th Graders (Bryan at Camp; Dara at Bethany)
  • September 20th Content for the Bethany Bugle do to Abby Mason
  • September 21st Beginning of Year Expository Writing Samples due to Erin
  • September 21st Staff Meeting -- Specials in charge of Ice Breaker/Fun Activity
  • September 22nd CMIT Meetings
  • September 22nd Progress Reports go home for grades 3-5
  • September 27th T-TESS Goals Complete in Eduphoria
  • September 28th PLC Meetings-bring 3 sticky notes with a PLC topic idea on each
  • September 28th Go Packet Assembly (plan ahead as this is a once a month activity now)
  • September 30th Tier 2 Documentation Due to Erin Swain; last day for Peanut Butter Drive
  • September 30th PTA sponsored Family Game Night
  • October 3rd Monday Assembly -- time TBD
  • October 4th Coffee With Counselor -- 9:00 am; SBIC Meeting at 5:00pm
  • October 10th Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 11th 4th Grade at Outdoor Learning Center
  • October 12th TL Meeting