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October Newsletter

Greetings from Mr. Clark

Hello Knights and Families!

I pray you all were able to stay safe and dry this weekend. We are looking forward to another wonderful week at the Castle. For the month of October, we will have added emphasis on Safety for our PBIS focus. Mrs. Bennett, our school counselor, will be focusing on this in her lessons as well. It also goes along with Red Ribbon Week and safe choices.

To go along with safety, here are some updates as we have had increases in the number of transportation changes lately. Please see some guidelines below:

CAR RIDERS - There has been some confusion about car riders. If your student is going home a different way, we must have a WRITTEN NOTE with PARENT SIGNATURE in the office each day by 1:45PM. In addition, the person picking up the child must have the YELLOW CARD for the child. The receiving parent must also provide the note confirming the change in transportation.

We cannot allow a child to get into a car with someone else without BOTH of these items.

BUS RIDERS - If your child is usually a bus rider and is going to be a car rider, we must have a WRITTEN NOTE in the office by 1:45 pm for each day and the person picking up your child must have the YELLOW CARD for the child.

We cannot allow the child to get into a car with someone without BOTH of these items.

Make-Up Picture Day is Tuesday, Oct. 4th.

Lunches- Parents/guardians may eat with their students on the following days:

Monday- Kindergarten, Baccus (5th)

Tuesday- First Grade, May (5th)

Wednesday - 2nd Grade, Gaulden (5th)

Thursday- 3rd Grade, Ghent (5th)

Friday- 4th Grade, Powers (5th)

Friday Ice Cream- The week of Oct. 3rd, we will collect ice cream money Thursday, not Friday. Please have any ice cream purchases turned in Thursday from this point forward. Thank you!


Aaron Clark


Mt. Gallant Elementary

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Tip Hotline Info.

We have received feedback that some students and parents aren’t sure how to use our tip line. The tip line is available in our school’s app or on our website at:

Students also have access to the tip line through LaunchPad on their district devices.

Tips can be submitted anonymously if you leave the contact information fields blank. But please note, you have to provide enough information for us to follow up on the tip if you do it anonymously, so describing the situation, student, grade, school and class is helpful as we look into tips.

Music News

Music News:

Announcement to 4th Grade parents- I wanted to send a reminder that all materials for our upcoming Veterans Day program are loaded in Canvas. This allows students to practice at home in addition to our practice time in class. All songs must be memorized for our program. I have expressed to our students that practicing at home is very important as we will be honoring all of our military and community heroes, and want to do our very best. Students will also have another opportunity this coming week (October 3rd- 7th) to audition for speaking parts and singing solo parts. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Media Center Minute- Mrs. Hingle

Beta Club Induction will be October 13th at 6:00 during the PTA meeting. Meetings will be monthly during lunch.

Any lost or damaged book fines can be sent to the library through your child's teacher (checks made payable to Mt Gallant Elementary School or exact cash).

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming back on November 14th-18th!

Artist's Canvas from Mrs. Gregory

The first Friday of October is World Smile Day. This relatively new holiday has a fascinating origin story!

In 1999, World Smile Day became an official holiday. It was inspired by the famous smiley face image created by artist Harvey Ball. These little yellow faces are more than just a symbol, they’re a statement about the power of smiling. The celebration aspects of the day are simple: people are to use the day to smile and make small acts of kindness worldwide. When you smile, you brighten someone else’s day and make them smile too! It’s contagious.

On Friday October 7th, MGES will celebrate by wearing “Smiley” clothes, having BIG smiles on our faces, and by doing small acts of kindness for others. Let’s help the world to HAVE A KNIGHT’S DAY!

There is also an OFFICIAL World Smile Day song about the history of the smiley face. It was written by the son of the guy who created the first smiley.

Knight Football and Cheer Schedule

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PTA News!!!


Oct. Spirit Night- Please take the night off cooking and join your MGES family for Spirit Night at Hwy 55 off Old York Rd Tuesday October 18th from 4-8pm! 10% of ALL proceeds will be donated back to our Knights!

Please reach out to Julie Mills if you would like to join PTA or serve in an active role. Her contact is

Spirit Wear- Fridays are Spirit Wear Days- the PTA will award a prize to the class with the most participation each week. Let's have some fun!

Please use the link below for Membership, Spirit Rock Payment, and magnet purchase.

Here is the SignUp Genius for the Spirit Rock-

Yearbook- Yearbook pre-orders are available! Here is the link:

Technology Protection Plan and Computing Guide

Technology Protection Plan and Personal Mobile Computing Guide- If you wish to pay online with a credit card see the link below. Cash and checks can be sent to the school with the form. Please make sure your student's name and a phone number are on the check. If you request a waiver it will need to be approved.

Before receiving a device: ALL students must have filled out the Technology Protection Plan, Mobile Computing Guide, and PAID the TPP fee. The Mobile Computing Guide and Technology Plan can be found here:

Older, but still relevant info.

A few reminders for safety with car rider line as we move forward:

  • We are wrapping up around 2:30-2:35PM each day, please be sure you arrive by 2:45PM to pick up your student. Encouraging them to listen during dismissal will help speed up the process too.
  • Have students exit the vehicle on the same side of the car as the Safety Patrol. Do not allow students to exit vehicles in between the car lines
  • Please wait to change lanes until AFTER you pass the cross walk
  • Please watch the STOP sign. We have had several instances where vehicles have run the sign.
  • Please be "Phone free" when we start loading students. Also, leaving the yellow car tag in the window until your child is in the car helps us get the student to the right car as you pull up.

Doors open at 7:00AM, no earlier. Arrival is 7:00AM-7:45AM. After that, parents need to walk their student in to sign in.

Dismissal is 2:10PM. Please pick up by 2:45PM at the latest.

Early checkout deadline is 1:45PM.

When coming to the building, our office staff will use the intercom on the entry button to communicate with you, first. This is an additional measure we are taking to promote a safer building.

Volunteers- Please be sure you have an up-to-date volunteer approval and background check completed. You can access the volunteer application below. Please communicate with your child's teacher about days to volunteer. We want to best utilize your time while you are here and that the teacher is expecting you.

Opt-Out Cancellation Form

Rock Hill Schools Family,

In May 2022 you received a form that you filled out and returned to your child's school indicating that you did not want your child's directory information to be released.

Directory information includes:

  • student name
  • student address
  • telephone listing
  • date and place of birth
  • major field of study
  • participation in officially recognized activities and athletics teams
  • dates of attendance
  • degrees received
  • most recent educational agency attended by the student
  • email addresses
  • photographs
  • grade level
  • awards received

If you feel this was a mistake and you would like to opt your student back into the directory, please fill out this form:

If you fill out the Opt Out Cancellation Form, you cannot pick and choose which directory information is or isn't released. Please understand it's the entire list that we will have permission to use after you fill out the cancellation form with your signature.

Thank you,

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Month at a Glance


2 - National Custodian Day

4 - Make-up Picture Day

14 - Early Release Day - 11:15 Dismissal

17 - No School - District PD Day

24- 5th Grade to SPHS Rock Hill Symphony

25-26 - 4th Grade Brattonsville Field Trip

Mr. Clark's Contact Info.


School Phone: 803-981-1360

School Webpage:

Twitter: @MtGallantElem

Facebook: Mt. Gallant PTA

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