8th Grade STARBound Group

Reaching for the Stars!

8th Grade Girls Lunch Group

Using StarBound, we meet weekly to strengthen the positive qualities a young girl already possesses. We just finished focusing on some of our unique qualities and created a magnetic star to keep in our locker as a daily reminder.

Weekly lunch meetings

Every Friday during lunch we go have our own little lunch date with the girls. We use the StarBound curriculum as our guide, but we make sure to add our own personal flair.

Here are some of the things we have been up to

Sprucing up the bathroom with Inspiration

The girl's bathroom was a little blah. We decided to start decorating with some inspirational messages. This is just a start - we have plans for more!

Who Sees the Counselor?

The Counseling Office is a place all students - not just those experiencing problems. At Maple Valley High School, Counseling Programs include 7th grade and 8th grade girls lunch groups, classroom guidance, career development, job skills, college awareness/prep, social/emotional development, and much, much more. If you would like to meet or visit with a counselor at MV, please call the school or email the counselor directly.