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6th November, 2013



  • You can reading news, watching films and so on.
  • You can connected with your friends.
  • You can playing online games with your friends.


  • A waisting of time.
  • It is bad for your eye vision.

Mobile phones

How did we get it?

I got it like a present.

My father bought it.

My mother bought it.

How much did it cost?

My phone costs about 500 litas.

My father's phone costs about 600 litas.

My mother's phone costs about 500 litas.

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What plan do we use?

I am using LABAS

My father is using Bite

My mother is using Bite

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How much do we pay per month?

I pay 5 litas per month.

My father pays about 30 litas per month.

My mother pays about 20 litas per month.

What is the use of a mobile phone for us?


  • Text messages
  • Calls
  • Games


  • Text messages
  • Calls


  • Calls
  • Text messages