2nd Grade PLC Agenda and Meeting

December 2, 2014


1. Review Spelling: CPAS...bookmarked the rest of quarter 2's spelling.

2. Comprehension Tests 2. Black Widow Spiders

3. Fact and Opinion Intervention Test

4. Using Context

5.Inference Assessment

3. Topic 8 Math timing and how are kiddos doing based on MC data? Found it!

4. Native American Unit: Where are we and where are we going? Timing? Goal is to have recordings and artifacts finished next Friday. Consider" studio silence"..to record. Watch for mute button. Login under only 1 of their lunch numbers.

5. Report card blurb

6. Effort rubric? Try some different things and bring ideas to the next faculty meeting.

7. Birthday Treat day...What are we bringing?

Susan cookies and weenies


Karin double desserts

Ellen soup

Sandy salami and cheese and veggies and dip

Paula taco soup and dessert

8. Comprehension Tests

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