Great Barrier Reef Vacation

Queensland, Australia

Great Barrier Reef

It is the world's largest coral reef system stretching 1,500 miles in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Deemed a marine park and world heritage area by the Australian government, the reef is open to swimming, snorkling, scuba diving, fishing and many more recreational activities.

What is there to do?

- Birdwatching

- Canoeing

- Crabbing

- Cruising

- Scuba-diving

- Fishing

- Scenic Flights

- Wind Surfing

- Skydiving

- Snorkeling

- Swimming with the wildlife


Here is a link to over 300 different hotels to visit while vacationing near the Reef!


You must have an active passport to leave the United States! There are also vacination requirements. See your local travel agent to ensure that you have all the necessary medications to prevent diseases.

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