Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Andy Gallardo August 24, 2012


The story mostly took place in China Town, California, off of a street named Sacramento. Other locations mentioned in the story are San Francisco and a church hall.


Jing-Mei, her mother, and the deaf piano instructor might be considered some of the main characters. Other not so important characters include Waverly Jong, Waverly Jongs mother, Jing-Mei's father, and Shirley Temple.


One theme in "Two Kinds" would be always be yourself. In the story, the Jing-Mei's mother tries to make her be something she isn't. She was forced to do something she didn't want to do.


Jing-Mei's mother wanted her ot be a child prodigy and made her do laborious tasks and she expected Jing-Mei to master them all. Jing-Mei eventually gets hed up with her mother and decides to rebel and become lazy. Slowly, Jing-Mei's mother starts to lose hope in her. Some time later, they are together watching TV in the living room,  when Jing-Mei's mother gets the idea of Jing-Mei becoming a prodigy in music. She decided to make her take piano lessons. Jing-Mei didn't like the idea and decided to be lazy and do nothing. Old Chong (the pianist that is giving Jing-Mei lessons) was deaf and thought the Jing-Mei was playing the right notes correctly and perfectly even though she was doing a terrible job. In the following year, Jing-Mei was still taking lessons amnd her mother thought that she really had become a prodigy even though she never heard her play. She lists Jing-Mei in a talent show. At the talent show, Jing-Mei does horribly and embarrasses her parents. Her mother ignores her and soon they get into a big fight. Jing-Mei then yells out something that deeply hurted her mother and that is when the seperate. years go by and on Jing-Mei's birthday, her mother gives her the piano she used to play as an apology gift.

Internal Conflict

One example of internal conflict would be when Jing-Mei is in the bathroom crying and looking at herself in the mirror. That is when she finds out who she really is.

External Conflict

One example of external conflict would be when Jing-Mei and her mother fight.


One example of symbolism would be when Jing-Mei's mother gave her the piano she practiced on as an apology gift.

Her Reflection

When Jing-Mei sees herself in the mirror, she sees herself when she ias angry and realizes who she is. This shows a thmatic significance becuasse it shows who she is. The title relates to the story becuase it shows the kind of person Jing-Mei is.

Mother vs. Daughter

In the story, the mother and daughters relationship went wrong because they are opposites. The mother wants her daughter to be something she isn not, while the daughter only wants to be herslef.

Mothers Early Life

In the story, it tells how the mother lost her family in China. This may have impacted the way she is becuase her family never really did anything significant and she wants Jing-Mei to be what the others never were. She wants her to make a difference but she cannot.