Seder Jewish Passover Meal


What is the Jewish Passover Seder?

A passover seder is a jewish ceremonial dinner that signifies the commencement of the jewish holiday of passover. It is held on the evenings of the 14th of Nisan according to the Hebrew calendar, and on the 15th by traditionally observant jews living outside Israel, and like all jewish holidays it starts and finishes at sunset.

What is a seder?

The word "seder" means "order in Hebrew, referring to the 15 parts of the Seder Ritual which are observed in a specific sequences during the ceremony and centres around the Passover Seder meal.

Who prepares the Seder meal?

The people who are hosting the passover.

Who is in charge of the Seder ceremony?

The leader is the host for the evening, it can be any person you don't need to be significant to host the ceremony. A good seder leader should be able to make everyone on the night feel special and have their own sunlight.

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