Christmas Carol

Rion Tarbell

Charles Dickens

  • Charles Dickens became a writer and wrote many books that became part of the modern society .
  • When he was younger he worked to get his family out of debt prison because his father was not well managed with money.
  • Charles first lover was a women named Mya.
  • He had 10 kids and was married to Katherine.
  • Dickens was known as a comedian, writer, and theater even most phrases of his were put into a dictionary.
  • Charles was manly about work and always wanting more.
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Victorian Era

  • Time period of the Victorian Era was 1837-1901.
  • Also when British history was the period of queen Victoria.
  • Population was growing so working was regular almost everyone had worked even kids.
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Industrial Revolution

  • Was a transition of new manufacturing processes in the period of 1760 and 1820.
  • The industrial revolution was centered on iron, steam technologies and textile production.
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Child Labor/poverty

  • Child labor was normal in that time period, they wanted to filled occupations.
  • Kids could start working when 5 and could have 12 hour days.
  • Most parents kept there kids working.
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Additional Info

  • Industrial Revolution improved standard living for some.
  • The time area brought more diseases of working conditions.