Summer Staycation 2019

Parents sign up for the days they need!

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Beginning- May 28th - Last day- Aug. 5th

Closure dates: 5.28, 7.4, 7.5, 8.6

School Begins Aug. 7th

Summer Full Days Explained!


Located in the cafeteria and assorted exciting destinations
$31/per session/child on-site days
$42/per session/child off-site days
(Activity fee subject to change beginning July 1st 2019)

The Full Day Program is offered on specific days, and seasonal breaks, when children are not attending school.

On Full Days we incorporate a balance of social interaction, academic learning, engaging crafts, off site field trips and physical education to make the day exciting and meaningful to your child. Children are expected to respect their peers, the staff, and themselves. They are also encouraged to, "Go for the Gold!"

Lunch is supplied to students one time per week. It is noted on the Summer Menu of Events which days, and what is provided. Allergy student parents are strongly encouraged to pick their child's lunch or pack an appropriate lunch for those days.

Students will need to bring a lunch that does not require refrigeration or heating for the remaining days. All necessary utensils and drinks must be included as many of our lunches are eaten picnic style at the destination.

BASE supplies one snack per day, we request (but do not require) parents pack at least one additional snack per day.

During SUMMER Break- We have 4 Field Trips per week and we split by grade to visit different destinations! Incoming Kindergarten to incoming 2nd grades are with out K2 Group, they will be onsite every Friday. Incoming 3rd grade and up are in our 3+ group, they will be onsite every Wednesday.

Drop In's are not permitted during Summer Break- parents must sign up for sessions.

GRE BASE accepts students beginning at age 5 and ending on their 13th birthday!

Full Day Expectations

Parents must sign their children in to the program, through the provided ipads, with their designated pin. Pins are person specific and are not to be shared- each person on the child's account has a separate pin number. Staff can assist finding your pin, if needed.

Children may eat a -from home breakfast- at a designated table at any time until 8:30am.

Parents are encouraged to pack extra snacks each day. Lunch is only provided when noted on our enrollment site and on the GRE BASE Upcoming Events Page.

Children are to be dressed for the days events! Waivers -if needed- will be given to parents to sign.

ALL children must be signed in by 9am!

This allows us time to complete attendance, give our expectations for the day and use the restrooms before we leave for offsite trips.

Trip Information and a list of what your child needs for the day can be found on the GRE BASE Upcoming Events Page.

We return from all trips by 4pm (unless otherwise noted).

BASE closes promptly at 6pm. Parents are charged for late pick ups and 4 late pick ups result in a year long removal from the GRE BASE Program.

Summer Shirts

Summer Shirts will be given on the child's first attended day.

Blue Shirts must be worn during all Field Trips, children can wear them over their clothes, or as their clothes.

K2- Field Trip days are Monday through Thursday

3+ Field Trip days are Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. On Fridays your 3+ child will be given a red shirt to wear over their swim suit/ shirt. This shirt will be returned to BASE at the end of the day and laundered for the next Friday.

Registration Information

REGISTRATION for the 2018-19 session (ends on June 30th 2019) is available NOW!
Registration for the 2019-20 sessions (beginning on July 1st 2019) will be available in May.
GRE BASE Website

Families Currently Registered with the GRE BASE Program will re-register through their BASE Parent Portal in MAY. NEW Families will register through our website.


We welcome you to attend our fun and exciting Summer Staycation Program!
Children who do NOT attend Gold Rush Elementary, are also welcome to attend! Parents will need to first supply shot records for the child and then complete all required information. Contact for more information, or to submit shot records.

We will travel all around Colorado to play tourist!

Please Note- You will use the NEW Families link if you have NEVER registered with the GRE BASE Program. If you have registered with a different BASE Program, you are considered a NEW family.

Always feel free to contact Sherry, Heather or Fernando with ANY questions, comments or concerns.

New Families Registration Link

New to GRE BASE? This is the link you would use for enrollment!

Full Day Tuition during Summer 2019

Tuition will not change for the current 2018-19 session. This session ends on June 30th 2019.

We have our yearly budget meetings in January and will decide by April if our Activity Fee needs to be increased for the 2019-20 session. This sessions begins on July 1st 2019 -ends on June 30th 2020.

Our Activity fee is what covers- transportation costs and destination entrance fees. Fees are only increased if it is deemed absolutely necessary, and approved by our BASE Business Dept.

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Will your child go to CIMS next school year and you only need care through July..... You have an incoming Kindergartener and need to add June..... You will only attend in June and July and do not want to pay for two registration periods.... You have your oldest registered, but need to add an incoming Kindergartener.....

Please contact Sherry by email!
We know that our registration periods can cause issues for specific families. If you email Sherry, she can work with your specific needs, so that your children can be included, and you have paid appropriate fees.

*We also collect data on what needs our current systems are not addressing*


BASE Mission: Promoting the safety, well-being, and development of every child while partnering with schools and community to be the best choice for families.