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On Wednesday night we'll finish up our series: LOSERS, by taking a look at our number one adversary, Satan. The scriptures have a lot to teach us about our enemy, including ways to combat him, ways to avoid his traps and snares, and most importantly, how to avoid what ultimately led to his downfall.

We will also finish up our series by participating in a pretty cool activity together, so make sure you (or your teen, parents!) are there! We all need to be a part of it!


There won't be any Sunday-Night activities this weekend, due to Labor Day, but NEXT SUNDAY, SEPT 8th will be the next VESPERS service. Same deal as the last two, we'll meet at church at 5:30 for dinner, and then carpool over to Lilburn Christian.

Our ELEVATE small groups will resume the regular schedule of meeting weekly at 4:30 for games, light dinner at 5:30, and small groups at 6:00 on SEPTEMBER 15th.

*There is a vespers service on September 22nd, but after the month of September, VESPERS will move to meeting once a month, instead of every other week. ELEVATE small groups will meet as usual on weeks without vespers services.

PRE-TEEN SMALL GROUPS (grades 4 and 5) will resume their regular meeting schedule as well on September 8th, 5:30-7:30.


It's not too late to get in on the Deeper Life retreat at North Georgia Christian Camp! This retreat is for 6th-8th graders, and the COST is $50. We have to get our numbers in THIS WEEK, so contact Britt ASAP if you haven't already!

Would you like a place to serve our youth?

We're looking for a few people, couples, parents, or Bible School groups to help serve our youth by providing a light meal at 5:30 on Sunday nights before small groups. We'd like to establish a rotation/schedule, so that no one is serving more than once a month. This is also NOT meant to be a 5-course meal, nothing fancy, just something very simple (hotdogs, sandwiches, etc.) to get them through until they get home. If you think you or your group would be interested in serving in this way, please contact Britt or Vicki T. Thanks so much!

*Small Groups season is Sept. 8th - Nov. 17th, and will resume in January when school starts back.