BY Samara and Courtney

info about Gallipoli

April 25, 1915, was the day the ANZACs landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula, now known as ANZAC Cove (see photo above) to battle the Turkish army during WWI.

Today, the ANZAC Battle Group is an active battle group of Australian and New Zealand units.

The last surviving ANZAC, Alec Campbell, died on May 16, 2002.

Quick facts

The ANZAC Bridge was given its name on Remembrance Day in 1998 to honour the memory of the ANZACS. An Australian Flag flies atop the eastern pylon and a New Zealand Flag flies atop the western pylon.

The britsh had contrbuted 468,000 in the battel for Gllipoli with 33.512 killed.

The anzac walke takes the visor around 14 locations on the old anzac battlefiled of 1915 at Galliplo.

Quick facts

More than 11,000 ANZACs died on the Gallipoli Peninsula, despite only being there for 8 months.

What did they do in the mean time?

They wrote in there scrap book.