The top five sisterhood spys

woman make more trouble then you think

The top three

The top five Sisterhood Spys

  • Noor Kahn
  • Virginia Hall
  • Violette Szabo
  • Stephanie Von Hohenlohe
  • Brita tott

Where they were spying

  • Noor Kahn in France
  • Virginia Hall in France
  • Violette Szabo in France
  • Stephanie Von Hohenlohe in america
  • Brita tott in Sweden

Noor Kahn

Noor Kahn , in her training was said to be scared by guns and to be very temperamental. but knowing how to operate a wireless radio and morse code she was sent to London. Because she was afraid of gun she left hers behind. with the life expectancy of 6 week but lived for 12 weeks she was offered to go at to safety but she refused because she knew she was the only wireless operator left in London but only a couple days latter she was found and sent to a concentration camp and latter beat then exacted.

Virginia Hall

Virginia Hall was one of the most selfless spy in the war because in 1930 she was on a hunting trip and ended up getting shot in her leg and the had to amputate it and she has to you a wood one , but she still went in to being a field agent. Like Noor she was a wireless operator to and with the live expectancy of 6 week she live through the war and die in 1982.

Violette Szabo

one of the most bravest spy in the top five. Why you may ask because she shot every bullet she had before she was captured and was taken to a German camp. And even after that when she was at the camp she was inspiring the other prisoners to rebelled which lead to her death.

Stephanie Von Hohenlohe

she was working for the German army as a spy but she dident want to be captured by the American so she left to America (a stupid move on her part) she was capture and was forced to help make a profile of Hitler then she was imprisoned.

Brita Tott