shaving and skin care

Pierce Mortenson

shaving is essencial so you do not look like a slob.

  • Do you want to look like a slob then dont shave. But if you want to look like a well groomed person then shave you face.
  • You dont want to look unhealthy so wash your face regularaly and shave every so often.
  • You also dont want to be made fun of because you dont look groomed.

How to shave and groom you face. Use theas steps to help

  • Apply shaving cream while skin is damp so it glides better.
  • then shave mustach or beard.
  • So it does't look uneven use after shave.
  • Be sure to fallow directions.

Problems with skin care.

  • If you don't shave you will look ungroomed.
  • You will also maybe made fun of for looking bad.
  • If you don't take care of skin it can get oilly.
  • you can look unhaelthy and ugly
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