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December 1, 2014


We are still on a quest to raise $120 to buy a sheep or pig through Heifer International. So far we already have $101.63! You can check out our project on!

Would you like to share about a tradition that your family has? We would love to hear from you! This could include photos, videos, clothing worn, food samples/photos, instruments/music, and much more! Email me if you would like to share and help us to learn about the diverse classroom we are a part of! Anyone is welcome!

Dec. 2: Giving Tuesday--Information to be sent home MONDAY with your student

Dec. 5: Favorite Book Character Day--dress like your favorite book character!

Dec. 16 & 17: NWEA Winter Testing (Math and Reading)

Dec. 19: Class Auction and Winter Party

$1 Hat Day for CRES Scholarship Fund

Class Auction

A letter will be coming home today about the class auction. We are looking for gently used toys, games, school supplies, etc. to add to our auction. The students will be spending their mini economy money that they've worked all semester to earn. This is a great time to clean out your junk drawers and donate to a fun activity on December 19th!

Star of the Week:

I can't wait to celebrate each one of them and the uniqueness they bring to our class. A folder will be sent home on the Thursday BEFORE your child's week. This has a letter for you and all the information you will need to help them.

December Stars:


8- Kelsey

15- Mia

Related Arts

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: Music

**Library is every Monday!

What Are We Up To In Room 115?


We have begun the task of working with elapsed time this week. This is always a tricky unit for students. I encourage you to work with your students at home, asking them about how many minutes things took or how much time in between activities they do, etc. The more they think about it in their real life, the better the understanding of time will be!


Opinion writing will be our focus unit break. Students will be learning how to write opinions and back up what they believe with facts. This week will be brainstorming and talking about giving opinions before we begin to write our own opinion papers.


Sound and Light: We are learning properties of sound. The end goal will be to create our own musical instruments that demonstrate what we've learned about sound. Please have your student bring materials they may want to use in class this week!

We will transition out of this unit later this week and move into Rocks/Minerals next!

Word Work--NEW!

There will be no words coming home this week. I will be doing a spelling inventory to see what patterns and rules we need to work on with vocabulary. Then I will set up a new system and send a letter to you all about it! More information to come!

Katelyn Nussbaum

As always, feel free to contact me anytime!