Solar Stove

A stove that is charged by the sun!

The Solar Stove

The Solar Stove would be charged by the sun and that way you wouldnt have to cook your meals in soggy, unheathly wood. You'll be eating heathly food that doesnt get germs from what you are cooking from!
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How does it work?

You have to make sure to make a prefect angle at the sun. Then you open the door and set your food in there then close the door and wait. Make sure that its at a good angle at the sun then your food is ready!
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How is it going to help?

The wood that most people use to cook their meals is that the go out and look for some wood. But they might not know what has happened to that wood. When it rains and the wood is on the ground it collects germs, dirt, and stuff that isnt heathly. But the Solar Stove you just use the sun , and a solar pannel. And your meals are good and heathly!
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How does it effect people?

It helps the people get there health up and it helps each little eradicate food poverty. People are so skinny because they can't get the food they need!

How much are they?

Around $20 -$30

Why do I want to invent it?

So people around the world that are cooking their food from that sooty and unhealthy wood will get the food they need!

Where can you buy one?