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October 21, 2019

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Mrs. Calabrese Presents...Student Art Work

The students created cave art after being shown the very first Representation of art dated back 40,000 years ago, The Paleolithic era. By using simple shapes and their hands they have recreated these images found on the caves of Lascaux in France.

-Mrs. Calabrese

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Thank You!

We know your schedules were already filled with other events and obligations, so we would like to say thank you to all of our parents and guardians who took the time to meet with their child's teacher. Strengthening the relationship between teacher and parent is a great way to help your child succeed at school.

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Student Leadership Costume Drive

As you are getting your Halloween costumes ready for this year, the Student Leadership Club wants you to know they are collecting Halloween costumes you no longer need. These costumes will be distributed to students in our community who are in need of a Halloween costume. Please help our student leaders with this initiative. For more information, read this flyer.
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Optimism Club Opportunity for 2nd and 3rd Grade Students

This club will encourage students to become confident, self-reliant, and to be positive thinkers. It will teach them about a grateful mindset and how to make a difference in the world. Please register your child HERE. Class size is limited to 15 students and students are “mindfully selected” and considered by teacher recommendations. For more information, including meeting dates, read this flyer.

Optimistic Coach: Ms. Cohill

K-Kids Helping Families in Need for Thanksgiving

K-Kids Thanksgiving Food Drive

K-Kids are asking for donations of nonperishable Thanksgiving-related foods such as cans of vegetables, boxes of mashed potatoes, boxes of stuffing, etc. Our food drive will run from October 21 through November 15. We are also looking for donations of Publix gift cards. The top two classes with the most donations will earn an extra recess.

All donations will first be used to help our own families at Oasis. If your family is in need of assistance this holiday season, please use this link and complete the form. All information is confidential. Any leftover donations will be sent to the Cape Coral Caring Center.

Thank you for your help! If you have any questions, please e-mail the K-Kids Faculty Sponsor Mr. Zedd at at any time.

Halloween Celebration

Our Halloween Storybook Parade will start at 9:00 am on Halloween. Traditionally, we have lots of visitors come to watch the parade. As with any event on our campus, parking will be a challenge. We will have CCPD Volunteers helping us with traffic flow. Click here to see a map of parking as well as the parade route, which is different from prior years. Parking is available in empty spots as well as along back car line area and side of the school. Please do NOT park in empty lots and in median along Oasis Blvd.

Your child's teacher will reach out to you with more details if you are volunteering for the parade/party.

If your family does not celebrate Halloween or you do not want your child in the parade, please let your child's teacher know and we will have a different activity for your child to do during the parade/party.

Please be mindful of others when helping your child select his/her Halloween costume. Out of consideration to our younger and more sensitive students, costumes worn to school should NOT be overly scary and pretend/make believe weapons should NOT be brought to school. Thank you for your cooperation.

A Note from Mrs. Gamboa...

The OES Pumpking Patch is ready and awaiting your Storybook Pumpkins. We need your help! Decorate a pumpkin to look like one of your favorite book characters and bring it to the library to plant in our Storybook Pumpkin Patch! If you would like to participate, please read the informative flyer in the Friday Flyer for more details.

Please carefully read the letter in Friday Flyers, regarding AR Fun Day. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Gamboa or your child's teacher.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped with the Book Fair! :)

Mind Up Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum

This week in MindUP, students will learn about Mindful Smelling (Lesson 6). This lesson focuses on being mindful of familiar smells and memories that are linked to them. Think about Christmas smells, nature smells, home baked cookies, etc. What memories do you think of when you smell those familiar smells?

(To learn more about this curriculum visit Mind Up.)

Lunch Visitors in the Cafeteria

Thank you to everyone for following our rotating lunch schedule. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Beginning October 15th, we will be following the 2nd quarter schedule. See below.

When you are coming in for a celebration, please refrain from bringing balloons into the cafeteria.

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This week at OES...

Drama Rehearsal: Monday, 10/21

Golf Squad: Monday, 10/21

Drama Rehearsal: Tuesday, 10/22

Early Release Date: 10/23

Oasis Singers: AM Thursday, 10/24

Trunk or Treat: Thursday, 10/24 6:00 pm


Next week...

Third Grade Storybook Concert: Monday, 10/28, OMS Cafe See below for times for each classroom

5:45-6:15pm: Plana/Olszewski/Rouah

6:30-7:00pm: Nelson/Diecidue/Hopper/Ordway

Drama Rehearsals: Monday, 10/28

Golf Squad: Monday 10/28

Drama Rehearsals: Tuesday, 10/29

Drama Rehearsals: Wednesday, 10/30

Oasis Singers: AM Thursday, 10/31

Halloween Parade: October 31st @ 9:00 am

Since Halloween is a busy day, we will not be having lunch visitors on 10/31.

2020-2021 Kindergarten Lottery and Wait List information

If you have a child or know a family with a child who will be starting Kindergarten next school year, (2020), and would like them to attend Oasis Elementary, we are accepting applications at this time. Please complete the forms on our web site (scroll all the way down and locate the heading, 2020-2021 Kindergarten Lottery and Wait List Packet and bring these completed documents, along with all other required documents, to our OES office.

Lottery enrollment runs through October 25th, 2019, at which time, it will be determined if a lottery will be necessary. It is important to submit your completed applications to Oasis Elementary by October 25th. Applications received after that time will be put on a waiting list.

Watch Dogs

We had a great turnout for our Watch Dogs pizza night! If you could not make it, please see the Watch Dogs section in the PTO Rocks page, for more information and the link to sign up as a Watch Dog.

A Message from Our Box Tops Coordinator...

Box Top Collection Day is Oct. 23rd. And remember to keep scanning receipts in the App.. If you have any questions please feel free to email (Stacy Turasky - PTO BoxTop Coordinator.

PTO and Foundation

For more information on the Foundation please visit their website.

A Message from PTO ...

Trunk or Treat is October 24th. Please see the Friday Flyer for more information.

PTO will be collecting candy for Troops. For more information read this flyer.

If you are looking for more information, please read the Fall Newsletter for event dates and other information.

Volunteering in the OES Cafeteria on Pizza Days

If you would like to help out on our Pizza Days, (Fridays) in the cafeteria, please use this sign up link.

Four Schools, One Vision

If you are curious to learn more about our system and our schools, beyond Oasis Elementary, please read the Superintendent's Governing Board Interim Report. It contains lots of great information about our four schools and our system. Here is direct link to the September 2, 2019 report.

Please do NOT use your phone in the car line, especially as you approach students and staff. We need 100% of your focus and attention to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your help.

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders

AM Car Line: Cars should line up after 7:50 AM. Our OES cars hinder the OMS car line. We will be closing the back gate in between OMS and OES arrivals. Please see link for more information.

PM Car Line: Cars should line up after 3:15.

Please do not honk at car line- this encourages students to run out before all traffic has stopped.

Please stay in your vehicle for the safety of everyone.

Remind your students to stay behind the yellow lines for arrival and pick up. This ensures that they are a safe distance from the vehicles.

Day Care Vans- If your child takes a daycare van in the afternoon, parents need to communicate absences or changes in dismissal with the daycare as well as the school.

Early Dismissal and Transportation Changes

●If your student needs to have a dismissal change email:

●If a student needs to be picked up from the front office prior to dismissal time, they must be picked up before to 2:45. No dismissals will be made after this time.

Free Money!

Please see the attached flyer below for easy ways to raise money for our school. This includes, Box Tops, (see link for how to go digital) Amazon Smile, and Coca-Cola.

Fortify App

The app, which is available for download on Apple and Android mobile devices, is critical to ensuring all Florida schools are safe environments where students and educators can experience and share the joy of learning without fear. FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.

The Florida Legislature directed this tool’s development in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act. For more information visit:

Official OES Facebook Page Launch

In addition to our web site, Twitter, PTO OES Families Facebook page, we have launched an official OES Facebook page.