Comics Corner

Reading Gives You Superpowers

Coming Soon to the Palmetto Middle Library

There will soon be a special reading spot for comics in the library. The Comics Corner serves as an additional outreach to our reluctant readers.

Graphic novels effectively reach reluctant readers [Delaware Online News Video]

Read the Research: English Language Learners

  • Studies have shown that the high-interest topics and visual support of graphic novels were beneficial to ELL students. (Cary 2004; Chun 2009; Lui 2004; Ranker 2007)
  • "Vocabulary is the single best predictor of ELL's academic achievement." (White, Graves & Slater, 1990)
  • "...comics and graphic novels offer 20 percent more rare vocabulary than traditional chapter books." (Krashen, 2004)

Read the Research: Special Education

  • "Reading material that is high interest and rich in pictorial clues, such as comic books, can help the {AD/HD or autistic} child associate meaning with what is being read." (Kurtz, 2006)
  • Studies have shown that engagement with graphic novels has increased the reading interests among students with disabilities. (Gavigan 2001; Smetana and Grisham 2012)
  • "...students with disabilities...will benefit particularly from reading comics because of the daulity of text and art." (

Read the Research: Boys

  • "comic book reading facilitates heavier reading." (Krashen, 1996)
  • "Boys with regular access to comics were more likely to read other texts. They also reported higher levels of reading enjoyment overall." (Canadian Council on Learning)