World War What?

World War I

Take Cover! They're bigger and better.

Countries everywhere, building powerful armies and navies while conquering more lands. So, everyone watch out they are coming for you. They have long range artillery, poison gases, submarines, and machine guns. Take cover!

They French had the M1895 Colt Browning Machine gun, St. Etinne MLE, Modéle 1892 Revolver, poison gas, gas masks, and the Canon 105 mile 1913 Schneider.

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Who will you choose?

Will you have a mutual defense? Countries are now having some agreements with other countries. Building alliances, not attacking each other, having countries backs. Team up with someone quick, or you might regret it. Will you join Russia and France that allied with Great Britian? Or Germany, Austria Hungary, and Italy? Choose wisely.
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Stand your ground!

Dominating other countries for more economic, political, and cultural life. Many countries will go after you if you are weak or not strong enough. Maybe, the Berlin conference will divide your whole country up so you won't own any of it. A country like Britain or France will come after you.

But remember it's a planet, not a empire.

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Join or Die!

Groups of people who share the common language, religion, history, and traditions, they are loyal to their people or culture. Will you be sent away if you can't have the right culture? Then again, Join or Die! Some good nationalism countries are the Austria Hungary Empire, Germany, and Italy.

"Live for something rather than die for them shtenkin' people" as said by the legendary war general and incredibly awesome leader Littlejohn.

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Who killed Who?

Shots fired! Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed by the Siberian Gavrillo Princip. He didn't wanted Sibera to be alone, so he killed him to be independent. That started the big Austria-Hungary against Sibera war. I would not want to be in that situation of the war.

Franz tied with all of these four causes of WW1 by going to Sibera to dominate them, but I guess that didn't go so well. He started growing a bigger and better military. Trying to get good alliances, and trying to share a common language.

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