Week 2: Your Weebly Website

EDCI/DED 318 Tech for Teaching & Learning-Spring 2018

Campus students we will do this ALL in class

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Know what is expected to earn your perfect grade

Submission instructions

  1. Create your subpage page under the Category REVIEWS for your Apple Teacher Reflection
  2. PUBLISH your Getting Started with iPads page
  3. Go to your Getting Started with iPads page on the internet and copy the URL.
  4. Paste the URL into the assignment spot in Canvas.
  5. Submit

Grading Breakdown

  • 20 points - thoughtful Review with examples of your discoveries & learning
  • 5 points - Image(s)- screenshot of your earned badge
  • 5 points - Links(s) link to the site Apple teacher Learning Center website http://appleteacher.apple.com
  • 5-points - Tweet using our class hashtag #ded318, or #edci318 or both and also #appleteacher (I will check via your social media con on your page.)
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1. Create your Weebly account

Yes, you will be learning to create your very own website.

All the assignments and projects we do in class will be added to your Weebly website.

It is not as difficult as you might be thinking at this moment, so open your mind, relax and let's grow your skills together. No experience necessary, we will learn together through this semester.


Weebly says: The Easiest Way to Make a Website. It's surprisingly easy to create your own website. And as a teacher, you need to know how!!

I suggest using your first & last name for your URL. For example, my Weebly site is http://cyndikuhn.info. You will notice, my main website does not say .weebly.com, that is because I pay for a domain name (cyndikuhn.info) and this also gives me access to some PRO features.

But I have another site that I use for demonstration http://ded318ksu.weebly.com/ that does not have a paid domain name. Your URL will look like this one.

Now understand, I pay money for my domain name (cyndikuhn.info). If I did not pay for it, my URL would be cyndikuhn.weebly.com. Yours will be similar. It is not necessary for you to pay for a domain name

just use the FREE account.

Keep in mind this is a professional education site for you, so crazy URL's are not a good idea, your first & last name is the best bet.

Add the Weebly app to your iPad

Make sure you write down the login, password AND your URL, you will need it every time you add artifacts to your site, which will be weekly at the very least.

Double tap or click on each image below to see a larger version of the picture.

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Download and SAVE the PDF Step-by-step tutorial ABOVE for learning to use WEEBLY. I suggest you add the PDF to your iBooks app so you can refer to it when needed and you may even want to print a copy, although be warned, it is 40 pages and the PDF you save to your iPad has an interactive Table of Contents.

Here is the same tutorial via the web. (Copy and paste the URL)


Copy and paste the URL into your browser.

Then make a web shortcut on your iPad. This will save you tons of time so you can refer to the tutorial frequently, at least until you master how to do everything in Weebly.

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Adding Website Bookmarks to Your iPad's Home Screen - YouTube

2. How to add your first Pages to you site

In Case you need them, More Weebly Tutorials: http://www.cyndikuhn.info/tutorials.html

Now, let's learn how to add your first-page category.

  • How to add pages begins on Page 25 of the tutorial or a more detailed step-by-step on how to add Pages & Subpages in this PDF (save it to your iPad or print)
  • Adding pages:subpages.pdf. (page numbers refer to this tutorial)
  • First, add a Page and name it Reviews. This is a Category and there will be lots of pages under Reviews by the end of the semester. These are called subpages.
  • Subpages are a drop-down or pop out menus under a Category.
  • Basically, each new review/reflection will be a subpage under the category Reviews.
  • Next, add your new subpage under Reviews and title that new subpage ..........
    Getting Started with iPads
  • Make sure you choose NO HEADER, so you can design the page the way you want to design it. Page 25 of the tutorial
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How to add a Title/Headline and text to your new subpage

  • How to add a title/headline: Page 14 of the tutorial
  • The Title/Headline on the subpage should be Getting Started with iPads
  • Add the Reflection that you wrote using the NOTES app last week. Just copy & paste it into your new Getting Started with iPads subpage.
  • How to add text, use the Text tool, Page 9 computer), page 12 iPad
  • This reflection is specifically about what you learned and discovered (give examples) in the Getting Started with iPad Apple Teacher iBook assignment. Be specific and discuss examples of what you discovered and learned.
  • How to Edit Text begins on Page 16
  • Be sure to include the screenshot of the badge that pops up when you pass the quiz. how to video at the bottom of this page and was also included in Week 1 details.

Here are some examples from last semester

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Adding images and links

  • How to add an image to your Weebly page: Page 19
  • Add a link to the Apple Teacher Learning Center Links. in your post. This is your first link, however, you will always include links to everything you discuss in every post on your website. ALWAYS!!! Include the URL to the Apple Teacher website https://appleteacher.apple.comLinks to an external site.
  • Be very specific and detailed about your learning in your Review/Reflection. Exactly what did you discover and learn.
  • How to add links: Begins Page 17
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How'd They Do That? Add Images - YouTube
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Now it is time to publish you site

  • When your page is looking super duper, PUBLISH. Remember this is public on the internet and people will see it. Page 37
  • Publishing: On your computer, the Publish button is upper right,
  • Publishing on the iPad, upper right you will find Review and then Publish.
  • GO/VISIT the Page you just created (Getting Started with iPads) in your web browser and copy that specific URL. Your URL will look similar to the examples posted above.
  • Paste your PUBLISHED URL in the assignment spot in Canvas and select submit.
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3. How to Tweet from your iPad

Make sure you tweet your post using the hashtag #ded318 or #edci318 or both AND ALSO #appleteacher. Make sure you say something interesting in your Tweet.
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Adding the Social Media Icons to your website

How to add the social media icons to ALL your Weebly pages. Yes, they must work on every page. Each time you add a new page, add your social media icons. It6 is how I check for your Tweets, etc.

Step-By-Step instructions for both your iPad & computer. Page 21 of the Tutorial and in the PDF below
Adding Social iCons to your webiste.pdf

You will tweet each assignment you add to your website. I use your twitter social media icon on that page of your website to see your tweet.

Make sure your TWEET includes our class hashtag #ded318 or #edci318 or both and any other hashtag that is required for the assignment. I will always tell you what hashtag to use in addition to #ded318 or #edci318


Social media Location SUGGESTION: put them at the very top of your page or the very bottom, but be consistent, they should always be in the same place on every page of your website.

For now, add Pinterest and Twitter, we will add Youtube later.

From this point on every assignment will include points for tweeting.

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