Capital High Staffulty Newsletter

1/14 - 1/19

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Upcoming Events & Reminders

Monday, Jan. 14th - SCHOOL WIDE SMART GOAL: Goalsetting 2ND PERIOD, Academic Assembly Meeting Noon in Paula Uriarte's Room

Tuesday, Jan. 15th - Great day to nominate a Student or Staffulty of the Month!

Wednesday, Jan. 16th - Dept. PLC 7:30, Boys Basketball @ Borah SOPH 4:30/JV 6:00/VAR 7:30, Wrestling vs Meridian 6:00 pm

Thursday, Jan. 17th - Lockdown 11:25, Sophomore Orientation 6-7:30AM Main Gym

Friday, Jan. 18th - AVID Shadow Day, Girls Basketball @ Mountain View High SOPH 4:30/JV 6:00/VAR 7:00

Saturday, Jan. 19th - Boys Basketball @ Centennial High SOPH 4:30/JV 6:00/VAR 7:30

Monday, Jan 21- Martin Luther King Jr Day NO SCHOOL

Welcome to the Capital Family

Drew Smith- Library Paraprofessional

Wow, what a welcoming family Capital has been so far! I'm glad to return to my old alma mater. After graduating in '02 I went off to college. I obtained a BS in Health Science at Boise State University. I enjoy learning and taking on whatever adventure life has to offer. I spent a time in life traveling and rock climbing with my husband. Then after giving birth to our daughter, Oriana, I found a niche working in libraries. Courage counts and life is full of chances. Be surprised, because nothing in life is certain. I look forward to sharing the endeavor of helping others navigate rocky terrain. Reading is a gift that enriches life. I feel great when working in the service of authors who have something enlightening to share. I read mostly children's literature these days and have an affinity towards autobiographies. Please do come share about what you're reading these days with us in the library. When in doubt dance and climb on Capital!

Please respond to Dan's Sophomore Orientation Set-up needs request form-2019 by 10am Monday!

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Reminder we begin our School Wide SMART goal 30 Day Challenge on Monday. A set of the green SMART Goal Template Sheets will be in your mailboxes on Monday morning. (If they need extras McGee will have them) For details, please review The 30 Day Challenge email that Caleb sent out on Jan 9. We have included the email information below.

Information for School Wide SMART Goal: 2nd Period Monday


The leadership team is excited to take the first steps toward accomplishing one of our school wide S.M.A.R.T. goals next week. Starting Monday (1/14) we will roll out Goal Setting in all second period classes. Gabe and his team produced a great video starring Sandy and Blas, to introduce goal setting and inspire our kids to set their own. Attached, you will find a checklist and all of the forms you need to guide your class through the 30 day challenge. A big thanks to for Cathy Younger for providing a completed sample form with her incredible cycling goal. Hard copies of goal forms for students will be in your mailbox by the end of the week, so don't worry about printing.

Please review and let us know if you have any questions!


Goal Setting Check List

SMART GOAL - 30 Day Personal Challege. Final Draft

Presentation Example Personal SMART GOAL - 30 D...

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  • Collaboration/Organization evidence due at the end of the month. One example of each per teacher.

  • Remember work samples should be completed student work samples or students engaging in the strategy. Please send samples to department chairs

  • Please label evidence the following:

    • Content_Teacher_Strategy

    • ex: Social Studies_Twiss_Critical Reading