Fort Miner

Fort Miner is a band.


- Fort Miner won a award for ringtone of the year with the song "Where'd You Go"

- Their Origin is Los Angeles, California

- Due to the success of "Where'd You Go" during the week of April 26, 2006, sales of The Rising Tied increased by 45 percent, and the album chart position went up 89 positions to No. 104 on the Billboard 200

- In November 2006, Fort Minor released a video for "Remember the Name." Shinoda has stated he felt the video was a nice wrap-up for Fort Minor.

Quotes from fort miners song.

In this world everything can change JUST LIKE THAT.
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I think my player should advance because they inspired people with their songs. Like the song Kenji is was about the WWII and about the camps. Some of Fort Miner's songs had a meaning. That is why i think my player should advance in the competition.