Three Kingdoms of Africa

By: Ti'Ara Nelson

Kingdom of Ghana

  • The Kingdom of Ghana was located West of Africa
  • Ghana did start out weak but it eventually got stronger throughout the periods in AD.
  • Ghana was rich from their gold and was famous in the trading business around 300-1000 AD
  • The Kingdom of Ghana ended because of a war and because of the loss of natural resources.

Kingdom of Mali

  • The Kingdom of Mali was Located in west of Africa, kind of on the coast.
  • The Kingdom of Mali started out strong and then slowly became weaker
  • They grew lots of cotton, grain, peanuts and more. They slowly became rich and famous off of gold nuggets
  • The kingdom started to get weaker and ended mainly because of political struggles. Its still located in Africa though to this day but it small in size.

Kingdom of Songhai

  • The Kingdom of Songhai is located on the west Africa next to the Kingdoms of Ghana and Mali.
  • The kingdom started out weak because of political issues but it is one of the strongest kingdoms created.
  • The kingdom of Songhai is famous for gold and were very popular in trading. They traded salt and gold. Doing his gave them power over west Africa.
  • Songhai was defeated by the Moccorans, it fell under control by a bad ruler and broke apart the kingdom of Songhai.