X-Rays EM Wave

Savannah Nixon

4 Uses for X-Rays:

  • 1) Dentist use X-Ray images to take pictures of your teeth
  • 2) Airport Security uses X-Ray images to look through your bag at the airport
  • 3) Doctors use X-Ray images to look at your bones
  • -Can spot pneumonia
  • 4) CT Scans and MRI's

Image to the right is teeth, used by dentist to take x rays

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Airport Security to look inside of bags

Frequency: .003 - 4 times 10 to the 14th power Hz

Wavelength: 1 mm - 750 nm

New Technology: The Optima* XR220amx, Optima XR200amx and Brivo* XR285amx

The Optima

This X-Ray machine is a mobile x ray machine used mainly when patients are unable to get out of the hospital bed. This machine is user friendly, including touch-screen, more storage, and higher quality images. The article states, "Mobile x-ray is designed to be just such a solution – specifically for use when it is not safe or practical to move a patient from his or her bed to the radiology department."

The Optima

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The Optima

This new technology uses X-Ray Waves to make an X-Ray image.

Materials used in this new technology include: touch screen, digital technology, & the flashpad, wheels attached to the machine to make it easier

Impact On The World: Many of these machines are used in many hospitals to make jobs easier. They are easy to move and very user friendly. This also helps reduce pain for patients by not having to be moved.

Date of Discovery: June 23, 2011

People that introduced it to the world: General Electric

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This photo above is a picture of the new machine, The Optima