The absorbsion of kool aid

By: Chloe, Izzy, Jo'Vayah, and Shonie

Materials That We Used For Our Project Are...

1. Grape Kool-Aid

2. Plastic spoons (x2)

3. Sugar (splenda x2)

4. Plastic containers (x2)

5. Thermometers (x2)

6. Foil

7. Masking tape

8. Sharpie

9. 100 mL cup (x2)

10. Lids (x2)

Question and hypothesis

Will kool-aid with or without sugar heat up faster within a certain period of time?

Our prediction is that sugar will affect the outcome of our experiment .

The Results To Our Question And Hypothesis

The answer to our question was that yes, Kool-Aid with sugar heated up faster than Kool-Aid without sugar within 25 minutes.

Our hypothesis was correct because sugar did affect the outcome of our experiment. The Kool-Aid with sugar heated up slower at first than the Kool-Aid without sugar. As time went on, the Kool-Aid with sugar slowly started absorbing more heat. In the end, the Kool-Aid with sugar heated up 1 degree more than the Kool-Aid without sugar

Our Variables

Our independent variable is sugar or no sugar in grape kool-aid.

Our dependent variable is the amount of heat absorbed.

Controlled Conditions

  • The time in the sun
  • The container size and color
  • Liquid color/ flavor
  • 100 mL of water
  • Foil size
  • Both covered

Our Procedure

  1. Gather materials
  2. Get 100 mL of water
  3. Put 100 mL of water in each container
  4. Label the containers
  5. Put kool-aid in the water
  6. Mix both containers of Kool-Aid
  7. Put the lids on
  8. Sit containers on the foil
  9. Let the containers sit in the sun for 25 minutes
  10. Check the temperature every 5 minutes

Our completed Graph

The Pattern We Found with the Absorbsion of Kool-Aid

The pattern we found was the temperature of the Kool-Aid started out the same. The next time we took the temperature, they were one degree apart. Our ten minute temperatures were the same. They were one degree apart five minutes later. At our twenty minute mark, once again the temperatures were the same. At twenty-five minutes, the temperatures ended one degree apart. In the end, the Kool-Aid with sugar had the temperature change of nine degree's. The Kool-Aid without sugar had the temperature change of eight degree's.

Our Completed Chart

What We Learned...

We all learned that adding sugar into Kool-Aid helps it absorb heat as much as possible.