Come to my Party!

Free Vampire Kisses! (By: Gaby Guzman, 7th Period)

Time to Party!

Annually many attend my party bash on the eve of St. George's Day since its the day we all come out and have our little fun. To begin, I need help to prevent it from being ruined. You guys know me pretty well so to make it successful get rid of any crucifixes, garlic, and especially Johnathon Harker. I've been told by card readers and gypsies I'm supposed to end up dying but no way sir not this year or ever. To prevent this from happening, my friends, we exterminate Harker and his posy. As we all know whenever I bit Lucy and Lucy tried to kiss Arthur he would've if someone didn't stop him (cough cough rude). So to hold Mina hostage I do the same. I bite Mina, hold back Johnathon's boys and let him fall into a trance in order to destroy him. Aw how fascinating is this party going to get or what!

Dracula's Castle

Tuesday, May 5th, 9:45-11:45pm


How I want things to go (& how they should've)

I need you guys to help me bring down Harker with me. Apparently, he's supposed to kill me but then you cant continue my cool party so help me out! Why would I want to die? So here's the plan after we feast on necks and brains we'll attack Harker by surprise. Since my boy Frankie and I are hosting this it would be much appreciated if you guys help by capturing Mina Harker and holding her hostage till Harker gives in. After that we can lie and "set her free", but set her free on a rope making her our pinata. BUT ANYWAYS LADS AND LADIES! Our main focus is to have a good time by ruining others. As I stated before first Mina then Johnathon, I've talked to Mina before without her knowing of course I took over Reinfield's body she seemed so calm.. Intersting body. Lovely neck. But to end this please come and enjoy yourself and some lovely sacrifices.

My homeboy Frank & I throwing it down in T-town!