The Son of Neptune

Rick Riordan


Percy - Has black hair and green eyes. He is the son of Poseidon and is currently 16 years old. Percy has the power over water. He is very loyal to his friends. Percy has won a war against Kronos in New York, Manhattan before Hera kidnapped him and stole his memories. Now he is fighting together with the Roman Camp for half-bloods.

Hazel - She has brown hair and chocolate colored skin. She is the daughter of Pluto and controls the riches in the Earth. Hazel died on December 17, 1941 to keep Gaea asleep and is still 13 years old. Nico brought Hazel back from the Fields of Asphodel and she is now on a quest with Percy and Frank.

Frank - He is a Chinese Canadian and is 16 years old. Frank is the son of Mars. He also has the ability to transform into any animal he wants. This is because he is descended from the Prince of Pylos, but this comes with a price as his life is only a small piece of wood. If the wood is to burn up he would die.

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Percy woke up with not knowing who he was. He found the Roman Camp for demigods. There are two gods, Juno and Mars, that showed an interest in him. Frank, along with Hazel and Percy was sent on a quest to Alaska to save Death. The monsters they kill aren't dying because Death is chained and the Doors of Death are open. They have to complete the quest before June 24th. That is when the Feast of Fortuna is happening and Polybotes' army will come to destroy Camp Jupiter. In their quest they sailed to the Golden Gate Bridge. Hazel was walking in a field when she was kidnapped by karpoi (grain spirits who work for Gaea). They were to bring Hazel to Gaea, but they failed when Percy and Frank sliced through all of them and threatened to burn them if they reform. After that Percy began to feel very nauseous. They had just witnessed Polybotes' army walk by. Percy is having a hard time to cope because in Camp Half-Blood centaurs and cyclops are good. He saw centaurs and cyclops in the army that is trying to destroy Camp Jupiter. After they visited the goddess Iris, they had to find Phineas in Portland, a seer that Gaea brought back to life. Since the seer is blind Percy made a bet with him from Gorgon's blood. One of the vile contains poison and the other can heal anything. Gaea had influenced Phineas to pick the wrong vile. They had found out that their destination was at Hubbard Glacier in Alaska. Before they could go to Alaska, they went to Seattle to the Amazons for help. Reyna, the camps' praetor had a sister, Hylla who was the queen of the Amazons. They received an unfriendly welcome and got put in a dungeon. They managed to escape by "stealing" the Amazon's prized possession. Arion is a horse that could run in supersonic speed and on any surface. After a short trip to Frank's grandmother's home and an encounter with Laistrygonians they flew to Alaska. In Alaska they were attacked by griffins. Arion brought Percy and his friends to the glacier where they found Thanatos (a.k.a Death) in chains. It was a trap. While Frank melted the chains with his piece of wood Percy fought the ghost legionnaires that Gaea brought back from the Underworld. With Death freed, the monsters and souls that die will stay dead. Hazel fought Alcyoneus, the giant that is born to oppose Pluto. When they won the battle, they returned to Camp Jupiter. Percy's memory returned during the trip. He realized why Hera did that to him and he was the glue to bringing the two camps together; Greek and Roman. They have an rivalry that dates back to the ancient times. At Camp Jupiter another battle had already started. Percy fought Polybotes the giant that was born to oppose Neptune. The Amazons came to help them win the battle. When Percy killed Polybotes and they won the battle. Percy was raised as praetor. After a day of celebrations, Percy had to convince the Romans to hear the Greeks out and the warship that is coming. The warship is Argo 2 and contains Percy's friends who are part of the seven half-bloods that is in the Prophecy of Seven. There mission will be to find the Doors of Death and annilhilate Gaea.

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What I liked...

The element that I really admired in this book is the anticipating suspense. It gives you hints on what is going to happen in the future, but you still don't expect it when it happens. The chain of events make you guess and wonder what is coming up next. When the book is done, you feel like you have to read the next book right away. The order of events are very smooth and flow into each other. In the suspense and tension of the book there are sudden spots of humour which lightens the feeling. Also since Percy Jackson was what Rick Riordan's first series of books was about, you feel like this book is going to be great too. In addition to this, I like how they travel to many places around North America. The descriptions are detailed and each battle is constructed to fit the geography and climate. There is also people from many places around the world. It isn't just set to one particular type of race. Plus, the book combines mythology with the current world we live in.

What I would change...

The things I would change would be how the battles happened. I think more action and different types of monsters should be added. It seems that Percy and his friends always win the battle too easily. In the beginning I would've made Percy keep his Achilles heel until the Romans found out. Having the Achilles heel is an advantage to him, but I think it's too early to get rid of it. It had made him invulnerable and been a souvenir from the first Great Prophecy until the Little Tiber washed it away while he was entering Camp Jupiter. During the battle on Hubbard Glacier, it would be nice if Percy and Hazel discover more of their power, not just only Frank. Frank could change into any animal he wants, but Percy and Hazel only had abilities that were already introduced.
The Son of Neptune
Alice Ma

June 9, 2015