Kenley's Stagecoach Transportation

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* First Stagecoach was built in 1610

* By the end of the 17th century, stagecoach routes ran up and down the 3 main roads in England.


* High speed-8 MPh

* 4 Horses pulling

* Safer than traveling alone

* 9 passengers to 12 passengers on top

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* If wanted to sleep, they needed to do it sitting up

* Little leg room

* Had to change horses at every station

* No windows to protect passengers

* Almost impossible to take a nap

* Rocks and dust would get in

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It was invented at a factory in Concord New Hampshire by J.S Abbott.
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How did it impact North Dakota?

* It helped bring travelers and settlers to ND.

* It helped carry supplies to factory's during the winter.

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