Dothan Brook School Music!

General Music, Band, and Chorus

What happens in music class at DBS?

K-5 general music incorporates many different aspects of music such as:


*playing instruments

*improvising and composing

*reading and notating music

*listening, analyzing, and describing music

*learning how music relates to other subjects such as art, math, history, science, and language arts

*musical problem solving

Arts Enrichment for grades K-4 is an extra weekly art/music time where students get to explore the arts even more! Students started with "The Lion King" themed lessons and we are now exploring the world of "Frozen". DBS is lucky to have an artist in residence coming in March who will work with students to create "Peter and the Wolf" themed puppets.

Chorus is available to students in grades 4/5 during Tuesday/Thursday recess.

Band is available to 5th graders.

Preschool has music for 20 minutes a week. This includes a lot of sound exploration, singing, and moving!

Upcoming Concerts:

Spring Concert (grade 4 ukuleles, 4/5 chorus, 5 band): Thursday, May 21st at 6:30 PM.

Have a wonderful 2015! Let's make some music!

Bio and contact info

My name is Sandi Moon and this is my second year as the music teacher at Dothan Brook School! My philosophy is that all students should have the opportunity to enjoy music. The Dothan Brook music room is a bright, cheerful place where all students can have highly engaged fun, while learning and interacting with the wonderful world of music.