Bombers News: Stem Cells

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What is this?

Many of you may not be aware that our local hospital has joined forces with AWP Inc. and have been conducting some research for the Parkinson's disease. In the study they have decided to look for patients of this disease and want to test the stem cell therapy of them.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells that undifferentiated. They can function for more than one type of tissue. Embryonic stem cells come from donated embryos. They are pluripotent and can become any type of cell tissue. Adult stem cells are limited in terms of plenipotentiary.


Because embryonic stem cells did once come from an embryo, there is much controversy. Some people believe it is not ethical to carry out research because these cells could have been formed to a baby. However, there are many benifits.

Why should we support stem cell research?

Though some people do not agree with the idea of conducting stem cell research due to the controversy it causes, there are many advantages. Stem cell research can lead to many advances in the medicine industries. We can use them to find cures and treatments for diseases like Parkinson's'. With the stem cell research place into action we can help many medical issues. WE can help a heart patient who recently suffered a heart attack. Stem cell research can provide for people who have diabetes, heart disease, strokes, burns, and many more such injuries.